Sanne Tea's new 2015 summer/fall teas are ready...and free samples!

Hi Steepsters!

Sanne Tea 2015 new teas are ready and your reviews are needed!

We prepare few free samples for you. If you are willing to share your tea reviews on your blog or on Steepster, please let us know. We will send you our 2015 new teas!

Sanne Tea
We deliver 100% natural Taiwanese teas directly from local farmers.

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Thank you all for being interested in Sanne Tea!

Other than new teas, I will send you our test product. Feel free to let us know what do you think about the test product. And, to show our appreciation, we will give you a secret discount code for your next purchase!



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Alreot said

I’m interested in reviewing your teas.

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No problem!

Please send your address to [email protected]
Or go to


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Thank you for supporting Taiwanese farmers!

I would love to share more about our partners.

Our new Taiwanese Green Tea and Oriental Beauty are from Mr. Chen Shi Yi. He is an Organic farmer. Organic agriculture is still developing in Taiwan. He is currently one of only 22 organic tea farmers in the Pinglin area, New Taipei City. To become a qualified farmer, he has to put incredible efforts into making sure that his teas have zero pesticide residue.

The Taiwanese organic certification is typically not recognized by many Westerns, but the Taiwanese organic standard is, in fact, amended from similar regulations in the USA and Europe. Some standards may even be stricter than the US’s, like the fact that 5% pesticide residue is allowable in the USDA certification, but zero residue is allowable in the Taiwanese organic standard. Some farmers are eager to push the government to broaden the zero residue standards to include an allowable amount of pesticide residue, but, right now, most Taiwanese still believe that any organic product should have zero residue.

Mr. Chen Shi Yi and his family concentrated efforts on organic farming for a reason. 10 years ago, he found his neighbor, another tea farmer, had fainted on his tea farm from breathing in too much pesticide. This accident made him rethink the danger of pesticide. He intended to gather his neighbors and get everyone to practice the new cultivation methods together. Unfortunately, his neighbors declined. They worried that the profits would not be enough to support their families. He had once told me “I am lucky that my only son has a secure job, so I only need to take care of my wife and myself. My wife and I agreed that we should put health first, and make only the teas we love for the rest of our lives”.

Mr. Chen has a soft heart and strong will, as do his teas. His teas are very elegant, smooth, and capable of many brews. When brewing, his teas have a clean smell that lingers long after drinking, which is achieved from a time-consuming process method. He believes that a soft fire makes sweet malt. When making his teas, he takes extra effort to make sure that every process is fully completed before going on to the next. There are no regular working hours. He, Mrs. Chen and his daughter-in-law have to take turns working through the night to make sure everything is done at the correct times and nothing is processed too long or too quickly. When I drink his teas, I feel they are always sweeter than other teas. I guess that his story helps. ;)

You can find more about him on our website ( Thank you again for supporting!


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maya :) said

i would love to write a review!

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Hi Maya,

No problem! Can you let me know your address, and where will you post your review. Thank you for supporting Taiwanese farmers!


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Rasseru said

I only review on steepster but would love to try your teas, they sound delicious. I am in the UK, do you post there? ☺

Thank you for asking! I would love to have more reviews. However, we send free samples to only US and Canada, considering the cost of shipping.

If you are interested in our products, Sanne Tea provides $5.99 flat rate for all countries! Or, Feel free to register our website. You will be the first one who receives our news and best deals!

Thank you again for supporting Taiwanese farmers. :)

Rasseru said

well id like to try the oriental beauty anyway, i will make a sample order. :)

Thank you! I will send you other teas that I also really enjoy! :)

Rasseru said

Thats very kind – I have just ordered both the 2015 & 2014 oriental beauty & the 2015 TGY to sample. :)

We got the order! :)
It is our honor to have your support. Your package will be ready on 10/28, Eastern Time. More info will be sent via

Enjoy! :D

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tperez said

Would love to try your teas!

No problem! Looking forward to your reviews. :)

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