Win a $150 Teapot...

Hey everyone! IAATL is hosting our very first giveaway – and it is a doozy! We are giving away an amazing teapot, worth over $150, from Tea Pottery Canada. These teapots are incredible – really, the pics do not do them justice. All hand crafted and painted in…. the UK – yes – not a product from overseas!

Anyhow – drop in to to enter – it is pretty simple – just join our newsletter. If you want to unsubscribe after the draw – that’s cool – but if you don’t subscribe, you can’t win….

While you are there, check out some of the fine reviews from GG, Cynthia, Lori, Jamie, Gretchen, Jennifer, Spencer, Meghann and other Steepsters (sorry if I missed you!) just like you as well ;) They have been writing for the site for a while now, and they are entertaining, and informative, we are really lucky to have them.

The draw is December 6th – so get it on it ASAP.

I figured someone was bound to post the giveaway here – so better it comes straight from the horses mouth!

Good luck!

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gmathis said

Picture limitations notwithstanding, the detail on the teapot blows me away!

Absolutely – I have to say that the pics really don’t do it justice – we have it here – and we were blown away by how amazing it looks. When we saw it online after the company said they were going to send it we thought – kinda cheap and cheesy looking – but in real life it really is a work of art!

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Lori said

Wow! That’s a great prize! This giveaway is certainly better than some free tea samples… You may want to update the subject line if you need to get more responses…

Good point Lori ;) I have updated the subject line – hopefully that grabs interest more!

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All done I have subscribed! Thanks for the great offer.

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Only 3 more days to get in on the draw for this amazing teapot! It is well worth the 5 minutes of effort – check out the pics and enter at

Good Luck!

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mlc select said

Isn’t the UK “overseas” relative to Canada?

It is, but I am not sure why you ask ;)

mlc select said

I ask because you say that the teapot is from the UK and thus “not a product from overseas.”

Gotcha – when I referred to overseas – I meant from China/Taiwan – because I have a lot of dealings with folks in the UK – I guess I don’t consider them “overseas” – but you are correct, they are most definitely overseas from here ;)

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Can’t wait to find out the winner

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Drawing is at 3PM EST today – still time to get in on it! :)

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Congratulations to Mikell Lucus – he/she has won this amazing teapot!

We will have more giveaways, so be sure to check the site often, and signup for our newsletter for advance notice, specials, and weekly recaps of our top reviews!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Congrats Mikell!

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