10% off Pu-erh cakes for Steepster peeps only! :-)

Hey all!

I just released two shou pu-erh cakes and you all get 10% off for this weekend only. Use code SHOUTIME on the view cart page to take advantage of this! :-)



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curlygc said

Wish I had held off on that order the day before yesterday.

Hey hey! What’s your order number? I’ll check to see if it’s gone out yet. If not we can always do an add-on :-)

curlygc said

145001380. I ordered those two shous, 2 ounces of each. I would have just ordered a cake of each (would have been about the same price I think, maybe a few dollars more).

Ahh yeah that’s already gone out. One fun thing that a lot of people don’t know is that compressed pu-erh changes quite a bit from the loose version. Usually smoother, cleaner, a more rounded and integrated flavor profile, greater infusability, and stronger aroma.

So when you get your order, if you like the loose versions I’ll extend this 10% off to you for the cakes. Just send me a message about it :-)

curlygc said

Thanks, appreciate it! Looking forward to trying them both.

No worries! Enjoy!~

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Ah! Meet too D:

What’s your order number?

I sent a PM.

Got it, and replied!

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I should pretend I didn’t see this but instead I already added them to my cart. Any other recs? It would be my first WP order. =)

Well the great thing about my offerings is that I HIGHLY recommend everything I sell. Lemme look at your profile and see if I can make specific recommendations based off that :-)

I see you like milk oolong and oolongs in general, so I’d HIGHLY recommend my Golden Lily, Tieguanyin, and one or both of my Da Hong Pao’s if you’re into yancha. If you’re into black teas, you can’t go wrong with Golden Snail or Imperial Gold Bud Dian Hong.

must get Gold Bud…. jus sayin…

Long live da budz <3

Yay! I just put in my order! I used the first time customer code though. =)

o__o I didn’t refresh my browser and didn’t see the message about the buds. Ah well, next time.

Yep, there’s always next time! And I’ve got a lot of budz :)))

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Doh, I ordered yesterday after I saw the email! # 145001392

Well lucky you that you saw this! Refund sent :))

yay awesome thank you!

No worries!

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So I placed my first order with, Brenden. Great first experience with him and will definitely be going back. He was just awesome. I was just going to buy the Huron cake, but when I went to order it, he was online and ended up getting a little out of control. Hahaha. We was very helpful. If most people on steepster didn’t know how great he is, I would highly recommend him. I’m one of the few that is late to the greatness that is Whispering Pines.

Aww thanks! I’m excited for you to try the teas! :-)

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t-ching said

Ahhh too bad my order shipped already :( I would have totally ordered these cakes! Oh well, hopefully there’s still stock by the time I place my next order!!

Hehe…if I can sell 1300 cakes by the time you make your next order I’ll save two and send them to you for free ;-) in ither words, there will definitely still be stock :-P

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Based upon all the glowing reviews on Steepster I placed my first WP order in the wee hours last night, including a cake of the Huron and Ontario. Missed this sale by hours, but I’m not bummed … I took advantage of the 15% first time buyers discount. Really looking forward to trying these.

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