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eBay pu erh prices too good to be true?

I recently browsed eBay for tea, and found a lot of pu erh teas for very cheap… Too cheap? I was wonderingnif anyone has experience with eBay pu erh and teas from eBay sellers in general… And if they could give some tips or buyer beware pointers?

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It depends on how cheap it is and the reputation of the seller. If it’s a good seller located in China, it’s very possible they have better prices and good tea. Also you need to look at the shipping cost and shipping method. There are some Chinese sellers selling a lot of things for 1 cent but make money mainly from the shipping fee. But I know someone who got a 1 cent big puerh cake with something like $10 shipping. The cake turns out ok and then it’s still a good deal.

The only tips I can give is reading sellers’ feedbacks.

I would prefer a puerh product listing has its age and producer. But in fact, many fine, mainstream sellers don’t even do it. So I guess it’s not an “industry rule” yet.

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I bought a Puerh cake off ebay for $1, shipping was 10x that, even at $11 it was a deal.
I havent drank very many Puers but of all the ones I have this cheap little cake was the best.

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cheap cakes are a good way to appreciate pu-erh. it is such an ancient traditional tea, and often times, our western tastebuds don’t like it. I’ve learned to love it and it is my favorite now. The high price normally associated with pu-erh is for the highest quality pu-erh teas, processed with utmost care, which are more rare therefore more expensive. But there are lots and lots of little cheap bricks to be found. Some delicious, some not so much, but wonderful neverthless.

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