I may now be a Sheng addict...

My cousin sadly, was hooked on crack cocaine at one time n his life and he told me it was a high like no other. He said that first hit was why ALL addicts chase from the first time thy try it. I think I just found my crack!

I got my hands on a sample of 2007 White2Tea Repave and was hooked from the first sip of this glorious golden liquid! Campfire, slightly smoky, leather, tobacco…it reminded me SO MUCH of evenings with my grandfather when I was a boy.

So, I liked Shu Pu…but I am in LOVE with this Sheng! THIS is what Im gonna use to set my bar. I am now on the hunt to find one better, but until I do, Ill be ordering a cake from W2T REAL soon!

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You can always love both ;-)

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Oh I will. I’m not discriminating. Lol

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curlygc said

Shu is just the gateway pu, lol.

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Ginkosan said

Next try White Whale, then 90’s HK. Then try some younger sheng’s; more on the floral and grassy side, but still deliciously complex and full of energy.

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Rasseru said

ive got some of that waiting for me to learn how to brew it correctly. So faar, i think sheng is amazing stuff

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I’m finding that Sheng is opening up a whole new world of tea. Well Puer in general is doing that.

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AllanK said

Luckily being addicted to puerh is not the same sort of addiction as crack. I can still skip my puerh session when I have reason to such as a doctor’s appointment or the like. If it is too late in the day for caffeine I can forego tea. We commonly use the word addiction but it is not quite accurate.

jschergen said

Speak for yourself ;).

Psyck said

I agree Allan, I used to be a coffee drinker until a couple of years ago when I began to switch to tea – and I found neither addictive. I often drink over a liter of tea in a day and at least two large mugs on most days, but can easily forgo it without feeling any withdrawal symptoms.

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