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We're down to the final 46 hours with the Holiday Pre-Sale!

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been trying not to be too persistent with a bombardment of reminders about the Holiday Pre-sale Kickstarter that we’ve got going on now, but, I did want to let everyone know that this is the last post I’ll create about it because we’re down to the final 46 hours!

So if you haven’t yet pledged, now is the time to reserve your holiday teas! Some of these teas will be available on the website, but it will only be what’s remaining after we’ve fulfilled all the Kickstarter pledges – so there are no guarantees that the tea(s) you want will be available. The best way to ensure that you’ll be able to get your tea is to pledge now!

There are five unique teas that will not be available as teas of the week nor will these be subject to reblending until next Christmas:

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire – this tea will be crafted using a blend of Lapsang Souchong and a very special Thyolo OP1 Black Tea from the Satemwa Estate in Malawi.
Gingerbread Houjicha – the name probably says it all – yummy Gingerbread flavors with a sweet, nutty, roasty-toasty houjicha base!
Eggnog Chai – My black tea base with a blend of masala spices and sweet, creamy eggnog.
Cranberry Orange Cider – a blend of green & red rooibos will form the base of this blend of mulled spices and high notes of cranberry and orange.
Peppermint Marshmallow Melting in Hot Chocolate – I’ll be using a blend of black teas from Verdant Tea in this creation which will enhance the overall chocolate-y experience! Chocolate with a creamy marshmallow note and a cool note of peppermint.

A whole lotta yums are coming this Holiday season! To ensure that you get your yums – visit our Kickstarter campaign:


Thank you to everyone that’s supporting us – you mean the world to us!

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Sil select said

Ok quick question.. in the description of the teas you mention:

4. You can purchase the $35 incentive which allows you to choose 2 of the teas in 2 ounce tins. This incentive comes with a special gift box for the tins and you’ll also receive a 1/2 ounce sampler pouch of any of the other teas.

There is no 35$ incentive for 2 tins of 2 ounces – it’s listed as 30$ and in the description of the incentive, it only mentions the 2, 2oz tins and nothing about the .5oz sampler. Should i be upping my pledge to 35$ to get the extra .5oz sampler, or will it come with just a 30$ pledge? (ignoring shipping costs for the discussion)

52Teas said

Sil: Wow! Thank you for catching that! That’s the first time anyone’s mentioned it to me, I had originally come up with this concept of having the two tins plus a sampler for the $35 but I think I spaced it when I was creating the reward tiers.

So yes, if you’d like that reward, just up the pledge to $35 sampler plus the shipping and when I send out the survey, please note which sampler you want in addition.

Thank you!!!

Sil select said

no worries. I tend to read things too much haha. Just don’t mind the idea of picking up a “taster” size for 5$ since that’s only a 1$ more than they usually are on the site :) and there are 2.5 teas i want coincidentally.

52Teas said

Actually, I’m going to go ahead and create the tier!

That will make it simpler!

Maybe we’re looking at completely different rewards or they’ve been revised. I’m seeing that $30 gets you 2 tins of the teas of your choice and $4 shipping. If I’m not mistaken the 0.5oz sample was part of the stretch goal and was for all the pledges $30+? Please correct me if I’m wrong….

Nvm, I see where you’re looking. I was looking at the pledge options on the side.

Lol, does this mean we get the stretch goal and the 0.5oz sample if you pledge $35 (+shipping)?

52Teas said

Yep – if we reach the 3K you’ll get two samplers!

This made me laugh because I totally thought you hit your stretch goal AGES ago.

I changed my pledge to the new $35 tier. =)

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If a Roasted Candy Apple tea appears I’ll throw more money out there…

I mean, it’s pretty darn easy: roasted oolong, apple pieces, caramel, and a light splash of flava’ (if needed)

52Teas said

I couldn’t do this in time for the holiday, but if you want to create a tea of the week, that option would certainly be open! But, it would have to be without caramel pieces – unless I could find a vegan caramel that would work as an addition for tea!

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AllanK said

Is Gingerbread Houjicha gluten free? I know in the past you said all your teas are?

52Teas said

Yep, all my teas are gluten free!

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Sil select said

yay a pledge away from the stretch goal :)

Sil select said

bumping if only because there are 6 more hours left

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Thanks Sil! We are under an hour now and we’ve reached the stretch goal so – a bonus pouch for everyone who has pledged over $30!

Thank you everyone!

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52Teas said

Now that the campaign is closed – I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone again for your support of this small business! I truly appreciate all of you! Your wonderfully warm and enthusiastic support of me when we decided we wanted to do this thing has been truly amazing and we (Amethyst and I) are so very grateful.

Thank you for supporting our Holiday campaign!

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