Joy's Teaspoon debuts new blend!

Joy’s Teaspoon is excited to announce the addition of a new tea to our family just in time for the holidays! Spicy Pear is a black blend with cinnamon and pear bits and the smell is heavenly!

Don’t forget our FREE SHIPPING offer through Monday (11/29) on orders of $25 or more (CODE: SNOWFLAKE). As if that wasn’t tempting enough, our gift certificates are just itching to hit the mail boxes…and they are 100% customizable!

Happy Holidays!

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Spicy Pear, check…free shipping check! Super excited!

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Ellen said

sounds good!
By the way I love the spicy chai.. I can’t stop thinking about it! I don’t know if all chai is this good, but it definitely beats chai I’ve had even at coffee places!

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Glad to hear it Ellen! I love our chai too and since I am pregnant have not been able to have one sip. It is pure torture to tin it!! :)

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