Marcus said

How Steepster helped to reinvent Golden Moon Tea

Hi everyone,

Since it is the holiday time, I figured I would thank for helping to reinvent my tea company.

As some of you may know, our single leaf teas have been, um, lacking compared to our blends. It took a bunch of bad reviews for me to realize this.

Bad reviews are pretty hurtful to the ego. Not in a bad way, but more in a “slap in the face” sort of way. Because of my poor showing on the single leaf teas, I have decided to adopt a new policy that is a little bit excessive. But I think this new policy will make sure that my new single leaf teas will honestly be of the highest quality. And if they are not, then I have steepster to keep me in check :)

My new plan is this. I am going to review every one of my single leaf teas every year. More specifically, I am going to review 1 tea once a week and announce my “new” tea on my newsletter. To “review” each tea I get around 10-20 samples of that particular varietal from importers and farms, cup all of them blindly head to head, and choose which one is the best representation of that tea. So if it is a Keemun, I am looking for Roasted chocolate notes. If it is a sencha, I want a nori flavor with a hint of lemon. And if the teas are very close I will pick the best deal then raise or lower the retail price accordingly.

I started this new program about a month ago, and I feel our new teas (Sencha, Oriental Beauty, Keemun and an upcoming Gyokuro) are significantly better than my previous teas, and all some of the best representations (without being incredibly costly) that exist.

So if this is coming off as promotional, I honestly didn’t mean it. I just wanted to thank everyone here for helping to reinvent my tea line. And if an of these teas are sub par, I’m sure I’ll hear about it in the reviews :)

Thanks everyone and have a great holiday!


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Thank you Marcus, I really appreciated reading your story.

I enjoyed learning how Steepster’s input has influenced the choices you’ve made as a purveyor. I respect and appreciate your dedication to ensuring consistency and quality in your products.

I completely agree with LiberTEAs! And also appreciate your dedication and promotion and communication, too! Cheers to you!

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Thank you for sharing, Marcus! Your story is what this community should be about! I love hearing that steepster users’ input have helped you regenerate your tea line :)

I have to say though, blind tasting that many teas that are all similar must be pretty difficult! Kudos to you for that.

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Thank you for sharing and I think it sounds like a great idea. :-)

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Rabs said

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing what’s been going on with you and Golden Moon. I hope that your plan works and will be keeping a keen eye on its result.

On a side note I have to share with you that I truly enjoy your very informative email newsletters. Here’s wishing you and your company the happiest of holiday seasons!

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Tahnk you for sharing, I’m looking forward to the improvements and following your journey

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Thanks for sharing that with us :) I look forward to trying the new teas!

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Stephanie said

Yes, thanks for sharing your story. This is why I love Steepster—so we can all grow tea-wise! :) And I agree with Rabs, I really look forward to your informative newsletters—they’re the best! Thanks for taking the time to write them.

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Thanks for sharing, truly! I worry sometimes about saying negative (if true) things about teas and companies here, because it seems . . . mean.

Thank you for reminding me that good can come of that honesty, and that retailers can’t know what we think unless we tell you.

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Marcus said

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

And I also appreciate the great feedback on the newsletter!

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Marcus, what a wonderful approach. And I want to add my gratitude to the comments about your newsletter.

Now I’m thinking I might have to get a second sample pack once I’ve made my way through the first one. :)

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