Christmas Spice Black Tea samples


At The Secret Garden Tea Company we have a special blend called Christmas Spice, which only available during the holidays. Christmas Spice is a black tea blended with citrus peel, almonds, vanilla, and clove.

We’d love to send out a few samples to some Steepsterites if you’d be willing to review it on Steepster and/or your personal tea blog!

If Christmas Spice sounds like something you might enjoy, please email us at [email protected] by 11/15. We won’t be able to send a sample to everyone who reaches out but will do our best to accommodate!

Thanks and warm tea wishes :)
The Secret Garden

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Sil select said

While i have you attention :) What size are your “samples” and have you given any thought to offering 50g sizes versus 100g?

Also the christmas spice sounds lovely :)

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Hi Sil, thanks for the note! Our sample sizes are enough to make at least 5 mugs of tea. We aren’t planning on offering a 50g size in the near future, but hopefully the sample size option can help folks decide if it’s worth getting the 100g size :) Feel free to send us a note if you’re interested in trying our Christmas Spice!

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