Oriental green tea and Old style oolong tea

Do anyone try “Oriental green tea” and “Old style oolong tea” from www.dongsonteaus.com ? I just tried and fell in love with them in a 1st sip. Their taste is remarkable and last long. I even feel its aroma around until the end of the day. Wow! Amazing! I bet you will find some that you love in this website.

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The subtlety is astounding

Yes, If you brew it correctly like what they say “traditional method” then you will taste it like what i feel. You can try at a small bag. Their price is much cheaper compare with other shops so (compare in the sample quality). As i know that their teas is DongDing oolong (Taiwanese style)

Believe me! I’m not talk too much. They are a new store, but sometime we can find some good things at new sources.

‘their’ ‘they’

You’re killing me here…

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Brian said

wait. so you are trying to tell me that the tea company you own has the most amazing teas around? weird.

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