nycoma said

is this the qi?

i feel a bit woozy, heavy headed, and slow. is this teadrunk? im drinking crimson lotus’s 2005 changtai “top of the clouds” sheng pu. ive drunk this at one other session but didnt notice these affects. its not as clear headed as i expected teadrunk to be, but its cool. im only 3 infusions in.

what effects do you feel when teadrunk?

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Roughage said

I usually feel the qi from the legs up. My legs get relaxed then the rest of my body. I feel very relaxed all over by the end and a little bit woozy. Some teas have this effect more often than others, but the effect of the tea depends as much upon my mood as on anything else. Qi is a personal relationship with the tea, I think.

nycoma said

legs first.. interesting.. for me it went straight to my head. ive been drinking tea all day before i drank/posted, could that be why i felt that way? as i type im drinking the rest of the same pot from the night before, and not feeling very “drunk.”

Roughage said

I had a solid tea drunk earlier today with my first two cups of sheng puerh. It got stronger as I drank more, but the fact that it happened straight away shows that tea drunk is not a function of the amount you drink. That’s why I say that feeling the qi is about your personal relationship with the tea in that moment. Some teas more regularly induce the feeling of being drunk, while others only occasionally do it, but you have to be in the right mood. Others may weigh in later with different experiences though. I have encountered many different takes on what qi is when discussing tea.

nycoma said

wow. tea is mystical.

MzPriss said

And its magic.

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