Jillian said

Post a picture of your favorite teacup!

I thought it would be fun to see what everyone’s favorite teacup or mug is and why!
Mine is this:
It was given to me by the Governor of the Jeollanamdo Province of South Korea.

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Jillian, that’s a very beautiful cup with such a stylish lid! And what a special gift!

Here is my favorite teacup. I don’t know why, but I always feel like to use it and use it much more than any other cups :D


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Pithy said

Oh wow, is that a little row of birds, Jillian? Adorable!

Even though I recently bought a really nice pot and cup set for my charcoal roasted oolongs, they are almost exclusively brewed loose in my favorite heath mug

http://www.heathceramics.com/go/heath/tableware/store/index.cfm?catID=3#options (the large mug)

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Jillian said

Hmm, I seem to be seeing double… ;)

Lovely teacups BTW. :D

Ricky said

I spy an impostor!

Jillian said

There can only be one!

j/k :D

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gmathis said

Mine’s in my allabouttheleaf.com profile:

http://www.itsallabouttheleaf.com/1077/tea-review-lochan-tea-harmutty-golden-paw-first-flush-2010/ (Scroll to the bottom of the review.)

Has the logo from Tea Club, a now-defunct (I believe) online comic with a very cuddly bear as one of the protagonists. Good and heavy, but chiefly it is precious to me because it’s the very first “to-Mom” Christmas gift my son ever chose for me and purchased with his own funds.

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Gary said

Here are my 2 favorite tea cups (mug)
The Tall Brown Mug is a Retired Haeger Stoneware mug
It holds 24 oz. and is the cup (mug) I daily use when Baggin.
The small white China tea cup is a 6 oz. California Cho-Cho.
I use this when I steep a my Pots of loose Tea
The 2nd pic is the Makers mark on the Cho-Cho



Keep on Steepin.

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Cofftea said

My favorite “cup” of is a champagne flute second is anything else glass… I don’t do mugs except for chai and the occasional matcha if I just want to stir it rather than whisking.

My favorite non glass tea cup that I known is not a cup at all, but rather my chawan.

The tea cup I’m coveting the most again isn’t a tea cup, it’s a mug. I want to devote it to chai.

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My favorite?
It has to be my Finum Hot Glass System

I have the 5oz cup, but i just recently found out they make an 8oz-er. I might have to pick that up.
I love this system because it is all inclusive. No mess, and the best part no hot glass!

Cofftea said

Funny it’s called a hot glass system when there is no hot glass.

meaning that the cup is not hot to the touch. It’s my favorite. Also the cups doubles for me as a cup to drink straight scotch out of. Just because of it’s size and shape.

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Spot52 select said

Here is a favorite. Sadly my real favorite was destroyed before I got a real picture.

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Nice cups guys!
Oh I was a little surprised too that Jillian and Jillian are not the same person. People can have same steepster names?

Ricky said

Well, their Steepster names are different, but their nicknames are the same. If their name is really is Jillian who are we to tell them that’s not their name :D

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CaraTobe said

It’s not a mug, but it is tea-related. It’s a porcelain teabag/spoon/etc holder. Made in Japan!


My favorite mug though is a simple white porcelain mug that I found for 2 euros in the Marais.

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