Post a picture of your favorite teacup!

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IdentiTEA said

Here is my favorite tea cup… it is actually the one I am holding in my avatar. :)


great cup!

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I got this one for Christmas!

LeafJoy said

That’s beautiful! I love the quote on it.

IdentiTEA said

Nice, love the green color.

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I like this one when I want to see the leaves.

It is a press by High Wave. A double walled mug you can press and then drink from.

Iron Goddess of Mercy

Is that a unicorn or a horse lamp in the background?

One of the many vintage horse pottery lamps I have all over the house. I have one pottery vase that is a unicorn. I think it is McCoy. Hull, It is Hullnot McCoy.

I collect Unicorns! I have well over 500 unicorn-themed items between home and work!!!! :)

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My little sister Mary has recently gotten into something call Polish pottery. My mom and I and sometimes one or both sisters usually go up to Charlotte on day right before xmas for crazy packed last minute holiday shopping. So Mary was all excited to stop off in Rock Hill at this little place known for its Polish pottery and I’m thinking yeah, yeah, okay cause my tastes and hers aren’t always similar. But I found some patterns lovely and I got these two.

They are very small and work well for multiple steep oolong, green, and white teas.

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i’ve got a ton of tea cups but this is my favorite (blue hagi sencha cup):

dlmcd5 said

Looks like a Seigan Yamane – very nice

^Indeed it is. Good eye

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Janex:) said

Hello you all got really nice tea cups :) !!
Here is mine tea cup hope you like it :P

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Hi guys thought I’d resurrect this old thread to post my favorite tea cups as a right-of-passage, since I’ve only just joined the community as a poster.

Cup on the left is one in a set of six, and on the right we have my Puerh cup. Both are porcelain-lined yixing clay cups.

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SimplyJenW said

I am a newbie, too, and I’ll join ya….
I don’t have specifically one, I have eight. They are jumbo mugs by Fiestaware. I have red, green, turquoise (2), orange, yellow, navy, and peacock. I use an infuser basket. They are like the green one in the pic. Today I am using the orange one… :)

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chocochoco said

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AJ said

Lately I’d been favouring my dalek mug (like so:, mostly because my handmade red mug can be awkward to hold at times. But last week saw the tragic end to my second favourite piece of Doctor Who memorabilia when the handle snapped off.

I’m thinking of taking a heavy-duty metal file to what’s left of the handle and filing it down flat, then painting it with black nailpolish or something. Handleless Doctor Who mug/cup!

Uniquity said

Awesome cup…Definitely go for a fix of some kind.

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