Nicole said

Simpson & Vail tea split?

I have a powerful hankering for some of these literary teas from Simpson & Vail but I have zero need for 4 ounces of anything. I would want a couple of the tins, however. Anyone want to split some?

Or if you want something other than those teas, that’s cool, too. Everything helps get to free shipping level, though I am mainly wanting to split the tea, no so much worried about the cost this time around.

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Nicole, I would be interested in splitting some teas. Which ones did you have in mind?

Nicole said

I am most interested in Austen, Beatrix Potter, Shakespeare & Dickinson (and would like the tins for Potter & Shakespeare) but would consider any.

Oops, I was interested in some of the other teas.. Not the literary ones. Sorry!

Nicole said

Not a big deal. If we get enough to get to free shipping other teas would be fine to add on.

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