Cofftea said

Not receiving Yogic Chai orders.

For those that have placed ordes w/ Yogic Chai, has anyone ever not recieved the order?

I took advantage of their Black Friday Sale and was sent an e-mail via their shopper approved site (which I find annoying, but I digress) on 11/20 saying my order had been delivered… but it wasn’t. So I clicked the “Didn’t receive your order?” link and it was resent. Yesterday I received yet another shopper approved e-mail saying my package was delivered… but no actual package. I payed over $50 dollars for my order (a value of over $80) and am quite ticked. This is one shopper that is not approving of this company.

Has anyone experienced this? What actions should I take?

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I received my order today. The black friday email that I received said that the orders would not be shipped until after black friday. Here is a cut and paste:

Why do we need you to order today when Bk Friday is in 2 weeks?

We are happy to offer you and the general public the possibility to purchase Yogic Chai products at wholesale prices once a year, but in order for us to be able to offer such high discount to the general public, orders must be pre-paid 15 days in advance, which is the same rule we have for our wholesale customers.

By doing this, we can ensure that we will have all the supplies needed to satisfy all orders. Also, we do not like to keep a large stock of ground spices as they tend to loose their potency and flavor from the day they are ground.

Understand that we have a large database of customers by now and its close to impossible to predict who is going to take advantage and how much are they going to order.

Fair enough?


Yogic Chai is also exceptionally fast with replying to emails when you contact them, so you don’t really need to call them out here. They are very nice people.

Cofftea said

The points you make don’t apply to my post. Yes, I was aware there would be a delay. I didn’t say I was not. The 20th would have been a reasonable time frame given the above circumstance (which you pasted here). I was not making a statement as to the length of time between ordering and when I got the delivery email. The issue is that I did not get my order when I received the delivery confirmation email- even after took the appropriate action to report my non delivered order.

I also never said they were not nice people (I’ve never met, much less spoken to, them so I wouldn’t know either way. I also was not calling them out. I was simply explaining my situation and asking if anyone has had a similar experience or advice as I’m leary about just clicking that link again as it didn’t do any good last time.

Kaitlin S said

I would contact them and give them a chance to make things right. Either e-mail or phone the company directly – it sounds like that link in the delivery confirmation might not be working properly. It definitely seems like there was a glitch somewhere – maybe it is with the delivery service and not the company itself? But, the company should help you get your order for sure!

Cofftea said

VegTea, I agree that the glitch may not, in fact, be w/ Yogic. I just know that there is one and need to find the source before a solution can occur. Do you think phone or e-mail would be best?

Kaitlin S said

Either is fine. If you call, I’d try to do it during business hours so you don’t have to leave a message. I’ve found some companies are really slow at responding to e-mails (weird if you’re going to have an online store..but it happens!), but since LiberTEAS says they’re good with e-mail, I would probably try that first. But, that’s mostly because I hate talking on the phone. :)

Cofftea said

Yeah neither do I, especially when I’m upset at a situation (not people). An e-mail will allow me to proof my thoughts. Since LiberTEAS says they reply promptly, I will try that tomorrow.

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Well, it came off like you were calling them out when stating you’re quite ticked and that you won’t approve of this company. In my opinion, you should contact them and bring up the matter with them before you jump to being ticked.

In the past when I’ve ordered from them, I would get my order very quickly (within 4 days), this last order was the longest I’ve waited for an order, and it was made pretty clear to me in the email advert that I would have to wait for the order until after Black Friday to make sure that they had the supplies they needed to fulfill all their orders.

Cofftea said

In all honesty, wouldn’t you be upset if a company claimed your order was delivered even though it was not? Am I upset? Yes. But this post was purely to share my experience and see if anyone had a similar one… and if they had what action they would suggest I take. The not approving was more of a joke trying to lighten the mood because ironically the website I received the delivery confirmation from was called Shopper Approved.

I wouldn’t jump immediately to upset, no. I would first contact the company and see what was going on before I became upset. I would first contact the company before I started “sharing my experience,” because it could be simply a matter of mis-communication… as a vendor I know that sometimes I’ve accidentally hit the “product has been shipped” button instead of the “order has been processed” button. Things happen, and this post can be quite harmful to a very good company’s business. That’s not fair especially when they are so easy to contact and quick with the response.

It’s also not fair because you placed a black friday order and black friday was less than a week ago. Yes, you placed the black friday order early, but, the email still calls it a black friday order which implies an after black friday shipment.

Cofftea said

I do not wish to argue with you LiberTEAS, so I will not. I will simply state that I did not become upset until the action that the company told me to take to resolve the issue failed to resolve my issue. I’ve explained myself so if you wish to not believe my pure intentions, then that’s your choice. My conscience is clear. Again, I do not understand why you think I’m so hung up on the delivery time. I understand (as I’ve said before) that there would be a laps of time between ordering and shipping and thus delivery. While yes it does imply a post Black Friday shipping, I also thought I read something on their sale page that said orders may be shipped early… but whether that was stated or not, or occured or not, is not the point. I do not wish to talk myself blue in the face (or type myself blue in the fingers) in attempts to make you understand. I’ve done all that I can do to do that and I consider this part of the thread discussion closed.

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Yogic Chai said


As LiberTEAS suggested, the first & usually best thing to do when you have an issue with something you purchased whether online or offline is to go directly to the place you purchased and try to get an answer from them before you go tell the world how bad they are.

We are a family run business & we treat all our customers with respect as if they were part of our family too. If we make a mistake with an order, we would like to be the first to be notified before a negative review gets posted here and on our site. Such negative reviews can really impact the nature of our business. All it takes is one email or phone call asking for an answer.

So what did actually happened?

Well, unfortunately, we didn’t take into consideration that Shopper Approved, a third party website that requests reviews from our customers, is set to send an email 7-10 days after an order has been placed, which is more than what it usually takes for a Yogic Chai order to get delivered, as LiberTEAS mentioned.

Everyone who placed a Black Friday order received such email 10 days after their order was placed. It shouldn’t have happened, but we didn’t think of that when we were working on the logistics of the sale.

By now, everyone should have received their orders. Know that all your orders were made with the freshest ingredients available. We ground all our spices right before we started working on these orders to ensure you receive the best blends of masala chai out there. I’m sure you can tell that by the strong aroma that comes out of each package once you opened it.

We also included a FREE 2oz blend of our newest blend “Cocoa Masala Chai” which is not yet to be found on our site on every order we sent out from our BlacK Friday as a “Thank You” for ordering from us.

Again, we apologize to you and others who may read this forum. We will for sure take that into consideration next year when we do our Black Friday sale. We hope you take the necessary steps next time you have an issue whether is with us or any other retailer to find the answers you need. Keep in mind that our families depend on our businesses ;-)


Ricardo Da Costa
Yogic Chai

Cofftea said

Sorry, I completely forgot to update this and say that I did receive my order on Thurs. I do think it was a Shopper Approved error. Are you planning on continuing to use this service? Because it seemed odd to me even before I had issues w/ it.

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Yogic Chai said

Not sure anymore, specially if its more of a hassle for customers than a positive thing.

Did you by any chance read any of the reviews from the sign “Yogic Chai is Shopper Approved!” before you decided to purchase? just curious…

We wanted to gather reviews about our customer’s shopping experience at Yogic Chai and we wanted them to be from a third party to add more trust to the site.

Cofftea said

Honestly no. I didn’t even see anything on the site. Then again I wasn’t looking either. Even if I had, I wouldn’t have know what that meant as I’d never heard of Shopper Approved before this. I can definitely see where the feedback from a 3rd party would be good… but not sure I like the info on shipping being sent by it. I like to deal w/ the company itself. I’ll be a customer again if you decide to give it up… it’s definitely good tea. Gonna make myself a cup of the chocolate chai now.:)

John said

you might consider sending customers to steepster to read/write reviews.. i have seen other tea companies with links to the steepster reviews on each of their tea’s pages

Cofftea said

GREAT idea John.

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