Want to change msg that goes to Twitter

I’m a little teapot so of course I don’t drink the tea. Yet, the tweets that go out on Twitter when I post a rating on Steepster say that I am “drinking” such-and-such tea. Is there a way to change this wording?

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Cofftea said

No. I definitely think there should be though, because it’s just weird to drink things like tea cookies… or worse- teaware LOL. The Steepster Notes (can’t call them just tasting notes anymore) are expanding and the wording should evolve w/ it. It’s been suggested in the “What features do you want the most?” thread. Maybe we should boycott entering notes on teas and only log non tea items til this changes:)

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When you write the post, don’t check ‘send to Twitter.’

Once you submit it, it will show you your post, and there is a sidebar on the right side that has a few options for sharing. If you click on Twitter here, it will only give you the URL to your review, and you can add whatever you want.

I would love to see the default get a makeover, though.

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Yeah, my humans know about the workaround but they’re lazy and wanted a more automatic solution instead of having to do this every time a review is posted. Based on Jason’s recent blog post, I don’t anticipate anything being done about this anytime soon. Sigh! Well, this little teapot has some tea to steep, but thanks, humangirl!

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