JoeFromWI said

Cheers to Steepster

Your website has introduced me to hundreds of tea vendors and I am grateful. Your site is a wonderful free service. I am willing to click on any advertisements you have to support the site. I will post links to the site on the internet. Steepster allowed me to do something I’ve always wanted, write reviews of tea. Tea is very central to my daily life and there is indeed a tea for every mood. Tea helped me quit drinking alcohol and I am happy to see my money go toward something healthful. I am new to Steepster and I look forward to seeing more of the website.

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Lori said

Welcome Joe! And I have to agree-I love Steepster!

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Glamorosi said

Hello Joe! This site does rock – cheers to Steepster!

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Jason select said

Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words. It’s always great to hear nice things about the site and we’re happy it has helped you and allowed you to pursue your passion in different ways. Even though this has always been a “passion project” for us, it’s so great to hear that, even though ultimately it’s a tea community/review site, that it has affected people and made positive change in their lives. We hope you keep drinking tea and meeting other awesome tea fans on the site. Cheers!

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