Up to 50% off site-wide The Finest Brew Black Friday sale now on

Hi fellow Steepsters,

The Finest Brew checking in the black friday & cyber monday sale this year. It feels nice to be sharing a new bunch of rare teas again this year for half-the-price after your very pleasant feedback last year.

Link to sale: www.thefinestbrew.com

- Wild buds Yabao (Purple variety) from wild-grown Camellia Taliensis trees
- Pu’er mini tuocha balls from 4 mountains (more added over the weekend)
- 5 exclusive (For the first time ever!) artisan Ceylon teas from the island nation

A little note about the new Ceylon tea:
We partnered with a new and exciting artisan Ceylon tea factory in Sri Lanka to bring their expertly crafted micro-batch teas to our customers. They are doing something completely new to improve the standards and quality of loose leaf Ceylon tea and we are really happy to back them a 100%.

As always, it would be nice to hear your thoughts. The sale will continue through “Cyber Monday” with 4 aged Song Zhong Dan Congs and Matcha Koicha introduced along the way.

Happy black friday folks!

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Is there a coupon code or is it at checkout? :)

The ’ SAVE UP TO 50% ’ might be a little confusing when compared to the threads title :p

Oh yes indeed. I must change that right away.

Blodeuyn – We took out the hassle of a coupon code this time. So everything is marked down and it will remain so during checkout :)

Aha, ya, the thread title makes it sound like all is 50% off.

I’m glad it was pointed out quickly and so it’s now no longer misleading.

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Just added wild buds purple yabao mao-cha for 57% off from standard price.

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cookies said

Does the “more added of the weekend” mean more sheng balls are going to be added? Or does that include the 4 that are already available?

Hi cookies. Yeah 8 more shengs will be on offer on Cyber Monday

cookies said

Ooh, excited to hear that, thanks!

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