20% off sitewide at WhisperingPinesTea.com

Hey all!

This sale will go on through Monday. No code required, all prices are slashed and inventory is updated. If there’s any issues, send me a message. I’m off to sleep now but will be around to answer any questions all weekend and Monday.

Thanks so much for everyones support in advance. You are all truly fantastic and I have no idea where I’d be without you.

Peace, love, and tea,

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If I send you a map to ‘the ring’ will you help me aquire some Earl Gold?

The ring is safely hanging from my neck good sir!

Sadly Earl Gold is completely out for the moment and I won’t have any more ready till January. #majorbummer

It would of been a nice mirror :)
I will have to wait on it and the special sheng cakes being pressed by elves who insist on taking their time as if we all live as long as they do.

The elf with the great eyebrows behind this whole operation insists that it’s moving at a mortal’s pace. It shall be done within your lifetime ;-)

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Welp, I just bit. I needed more Yabao; I’ve been stretching out what I bought last Black Friday all year. If it still applies with the sale, can I request no mushrooms teas for the free 1/4 oz? ’Cause allergies and all that fun stuff…

Thanks for the order! :-) and lucky for you there are no mushroom teas currently in stock :-)

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Just went to place an order, and it looks like the discount isn’t working? It reads correctly on the website, but reverts to full price in my cart.

Same here. :(

Fixed! Sorry about that. No idea what was going on there. Lemme know if you run into any other issues :-)

Thank you! Placed my order after a lot of humming and hawing. So much teaaa.

This seems to be happening again this morning. Is the sale still on for today?

Back up and running. Really no idea why this might be happening. Very strange.

Thanks for letting me know!

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AllanK said

I wish I hadn’t been reminded of this, order placed.

AllanK said

Would have liked to buy Earl Gold too but it was out of stock.

AllanK said

I didn’t receive a confirmation email from PayPal, do you have my order?

Yup, got it! :-) much thanks, Allan!

gschuschke said

I didn’t receive an email from paypal and looks as if it didn’t go thru? Can you check. I just send an email to you. thx

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boychik said

who bought all dark Roasted TGY??? people, you dont like roasted oolong , it should be all mine. that what happens to have a weekend without internet ;(

Hopefully getting more in soonish :-)

boychik said


I may have picked some up…

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This is what happens when I go on vacation. I’ll just have to wait until my Christmas money rolls in for my purchase. :/

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