Fresh Taiwan Oolong Tea!

Hello fellow Steepsters,

This is just a note to say that we are offering from now to Friday the opportunity to order your fresh oolong tea: the 2010 fall harvest is available! Da Yu Lin, and Li Shan are both high grade oolongs. We only order enough to cover our orders and a little bit extra because we only like to keep fresh stock of these two teas on hand, so now’s the time to get an order in!

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Cloudwalker Teas

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I just want to add that the Cloudwalker Teas I have had so far are VERY GOOD!!!!! Great offerings!

Thanks TeaEqualsBliss! We appreciate your support!

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Hi everyone,

Last chance to get in on this order before we ship from Taiwan and we will only have limited stock of the fresh teas available again!
Da Yu Lin:
and Li Shan
Both are excellent teas!


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