Web-only notifications for subscribed topics

When I subscribe to a topic, I want to see notifications on the website, but I don’t want an e-mail when someone posts! Is this not possible?

I was looking for something in the e-mail settings like “when someone posts to a topic I subscribe to” but nothing seems to fit, and my options are not knowing about new posts, or being annoyed by them.. :(

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cookies said

Can you direct all Steepster messages to your spam folder, or create a Steepster folder for them to be filtered into?

Angrboda said

The latter would be preferable. We don’t really want email providers to get the impression that Steepster is a spam site! You can probably filter them straight to the bin if you don’t want to keep them.

I already move them to a folder, but they still trigger a “new mail” notification – maybe I can disable that with a rule somehow. I was really just wondering if there is a way to control it on the site itself, I still want emails for PMs for example :)

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AllanK said

There is a way to turn off notifications for any given topic, but I’m not sure how to do it and I believe you have to turn them off individually.

Hm it’s easy to turn off notifications for a topic (top right), but I haven’t found a way to get updates on “notifications” without e-mail. I guess I will post this to the “what changes would you like” thread.

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OMGsrsly said

Account → Email settings. Just untick the boxes.

Sadly no; if you subscribe to a topic, you get e-mail even with all the boxes unticked.

But if I don’t subscribe, there is no way to know which comment is new. It’s very hard to keep track of a multi-page discussion without subscribing, and that gets me both the chronological updates on the webpage (that I want), as well as the e-mails (don’t want).

OMGsrsly said

I didn’t get an email about this! But I only got a notification about your comment, and not the one from Oolong Owl below.

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If you post on the thread and someone comments, it’ll send to notifications rather than email (if you don’t check the box.)

Other than that, nadda. Steepster needs updating, it hasn’t has a rehaul in a long time.

Ahhh so if I post but don’t subscribe it works? I’ll give that a shot, thank you very much.

(love your owls btw, I’d get one if it weren’t for the potential mischief and tea thievery)

more like if they reply to your comment. If the add a reply at the bottom it doesn’t work, if that makes sense. I think if you start the post it works too.

Makes perfect sense – I’ll manage. Thanks again

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