Attention Tea Rooms and Tea Shops

We are very excited to announce a new North American wholesale initiative (Canadian tea rooms notice we are including you in this too! How aboot that, eh?).

I’ve struggled for a few years regarding the best way to offer our teas on a wholesale basis (our limited-edition weekly blends is a bit of a different business model and I’ve been trying to adapt our model to the rest of the world, but have finally decided to adapt the tea world to us instead.)

So, here’s the deal: We’re going to keep doing what we do best and continue to create limited edition weekly blends. You can now offer them too! Every week, you will receive a limited quantity of our Tea of the Week along with a small sniffer tin to allow your customers to smell and inspect the tea.

We even had some cool new point-of-purchase displays made up that have room for the tea of the week, last week’s tea of the week and a last chance tea of the week. The sniffer tins stick to the display with a little dot of hook & loop fasteners. Each week, when you receive your new tea, you shift the teas to make room for the new ones. After three weeks, you send us back what you have left of the oldest tea (using pre-paid postage) and pay us for the pouches that sold (less a generous margin).

I think this is a really spectacular idea for tea rooms and tea retailers everywhere. You get something NEW to promote every week! And the limited-edition nature of the product encourages your customers to buy while they can because in three weeks, it will be gone.

If you currently own or operate a tea room or retail tea shop and would like more information, please message me and I would be happy to provide you with more details.

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OH YAY!!!!
Frank – you still have my email addy!? I can FWD info on to a few places…one specifically…

Please have them contact me at frank &at& 52teas dot com and I would be happy to share the details with them.

I’ll drop them an email :)

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The sniffer tins are an excellent idea too, because your teas always smell so good plus it’s an opportunity to see just how beautiful your teas look with all the huge chunks of chocolate/fruit/chocolate/nuts/chocolate, etc.

Hmm… all the sudden, I feel like I need something chocolate-y……

Ditto – on all levels!

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Kristin said

My local tea shop’s wholesaler is no longer ( is apparently closing shop) and they are looking for a new wholesaler. I gave them your website info and told them you are starting a wholesale business. If you want to contact them, they are Atticus Tea in Park City, UT: (contact info at the bottom right side of the page).

Awesome. Thanks for the heads up!

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