sherubtse said

New Site for Teaware

I see that TwoDog of White2Tea fame is getting into the teawre business. He has a great selection of gaiwans (for those who are interested in such vessels).

Good luck with the new venture, TwoDog!

Best wishes,

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Nicole said

Noooooo… there are far too many things there that I want like burning!

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Ag select said

I always managed to resist getting a tea pet, as adorable as they are, but I couldn’t say no to the goat. Now I have two tea pets, another pu’er pick (I keep losing/misplacing them), and a teapot on the way. And I’m contemplating adding another two gaiwans to my collection but I don’t know why I’d need so many gaiwans in the first place (side by side tastings, I get easily distracted by teas and jump between a couple over the span of a few days… I guess I’ve answered my own question but I already have so many brewing contraptions).

Nicole said

I look at them as tiny art. Not necessarily all things that will be used regularly but are lovely to touch and look at. :)

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AllanK said

I was checking this site out. A coupon came for it with my White2Tea order, a coupon for a free teacup.

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curlygc said

I just placed an order. I wasn’t going to. Because I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE TEA WARE. But I browsed and placed items in my cart then closed the page but then I went back AGAIN and some one bought the damned Confucius playing guitar-like instrument teapet I wanted (grrrr!) and again, I put items in my cart. Teapets. Cups. Pu Pick. Then I went over to Cwyn’s blog and read her post about the site, and I then I started having what I thought was an anxiety attack over spending forty bucks (it has to be forty for the free shipping) but then I realized I was just having palpitations because I’ve drunk about a half gallon of highly caffeinated shu and forgot to take my blood pressure meds. Then I saw this discussion thread about the site, and AllanK’s comment reminded me that I too have a coupon for a free teacup. Free shipping and free teacup? Can’t pass that up. Order placed. I need counseling.

Nicole said

I love the over-caffeinated nature of this post. :)

boychik said

oh good! i thought you still hesitating lol
btw ive noticed drinking Yancha keeps me so hyper. it wasnt like this before. I love Yancha. Yesterday I ran to some place i was late. i covered like 15 blocks without stopping. I might train for marathon for the next year if i continue drinking Yancha

Agree re over caffeinated nature. The teapet story made me giggle, though I feel sorry about it at the same time. ;-)

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Cheri select said

I don’t need more tea ware. I don’t use most of what I have. Yet…yet, I’m sitting here drooling over too many things on this site. Maybe a new gaiwan? Or that beautiful cup? Another tea pet, perhaps.

Any idea how long the free ship sale will last???

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tperez said

Wow, I love just about everything!

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100% didn’t need new teaware…

But I just bought $40 worth of stuff. It was all the damn fish related stuff that drew me in! I nabbed a fishy gaiwan, teapet, and two cups and then also a Pu pick because I don’t have one yet and I really should.

Fish and tea just go together.

I got one of the little goldfish tea pets and now I wish I had gotten the other two as well for a little goldfish tea pet family.

I’ve been looking for a good fish teapet ever since I decided I needed a teapet in general: I’ve now got the karp I thought it went with the rest of my teaware a little better which will accompany a monkey and two pixiu dragons.

I’m quite sad the fat fish gaiwan was sold out; I would have bought that one too in addition to this one which I did buy:

Counting the goldfish gaiwan I’ve got from Camellia Sinensis that now puts me at two fish related gaiwans, and three celadon ones! I’m so happy so much of my teaware matches in colour or theme so it can be used so interchangeably.

Soggy is also a huge fan of fish related teaware, if I remember correctly. We could start our own club at this point :P

I tried to get that fat fish gaiwan too but it was already gone. I hope they get some more – out of all the lovely items that was probably what I wanted most of all.

I got the small goldfish swirl gaiwan and would have gotten the goldfish swirl cup but that was also out of stock.

I think a fish teaware club would be great :)

I am totally ok with being in a fish teaware club!

Half the stuff in my cart as I await funds is fish related :P

mrmopar said

Enablers! All of you! I just caved in too..

Fish Club is definitely a thing now. Anyone else who wants to join Daughter, Soggy and I are more than welcome to do so!

I wanted to grab a swirl cup to go with the gaiwan as well but they were also sold out when I went to place my order. Like Daughter, the Fat Fish Gaiwan was definitely the thing I was eyeing up the most! I entered my email so I could be notified when/if they’re back and stock and whenever that comes I may need to reevaluate whether or not I need more fish cups.

There’s a fourth one I didn’t get that I may need to add and the swirl cup if they’re back in stock…

I am resisting. But the gaiwans are so tempting.

Much of my current tea ware seems to consist of travel tumblers, the filters for which I never use and the tops of which are now so irretrievably mixed up I have given up trying to match them to their original mates and just match them up randomly and promiscuously.

I got two of the Ruyao cups with the fish in the bottom but now I’m sad that I didn’t also get the Geyao cups with the fish in the bottom. Will definitely have to get those on my next order. And most likely some other fishy items too, like that goldfish swirl pitcher I totally missed earlier…

The first rule of Fish Club is: yes, you definitely need more fish stuff.

The second rule of Fish Club is: yes, you definitely need more fish stuff.

Hooray for fish-ware! I sooo wish I could buy all the fishies right this moment!

mrmopar said

Got my order yesterday. Nice stuff.

TheKesser said

@Mrmopar are you in the US or Canada and how long did it take for it to ship to you?

mrmopar said

TheKesser, I am in the US. I ordered the second day it was posted on here. My stuff came through New York I think. Sometimes they are faster than the San Francisco sort center. We do pretty good in Virginia unless they send our mail to Charlotte NC and then back to Roanoke. I don’t see why going to Charlotte from Roanoke and back to Roanoke , but they do their thing.

cookies said

I ordered the first day this was posted and mine just shipped out Monday. Did they ship ePacket?

mrmopar said

Yeah I think mine was ePacket.

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Couldn’t resist the teaware and the free shipping… finally bought some proper tea cups (I’ve been drinking out of a Glencairn whiskey glass) and my first teapet. The chicken was too cute.

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EVERYONE IN THIS THREAD IS GROUNDED. Sherubtse especially so for bringing this to my attention. I was literally just talking about how I don’t need anymore teaware. Why is everything so pretty and reasonably priced?

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LuckyMe said

Arrghh, I so did not need to see this site right now. I’m already having trouble sticking to my tea buying ban. I’ve bookmarked it but don’t know how long before I cave in and buy.

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