Mookit said

Nov. 7/16 - Mookit's Tea Swaps

Hello everyone! Since joining Steepster, I have amassed a great deal of tea, some of which I won’t be able to finish. So, I am giving away and swapping various teas in various amounts. Just browse through the list below! I am willing to send all or some of the tea listed.

If you would like to offer me a trade that would be very nice of you, but not required. Just let me know if you have a sample to trade and we’ll swap!

I will keep this thread updated as I add or give teas away, so check back once in a while! I’ll mark the thread updated in the title and make a note in one of my tea tastings if anything changes. Enjoy!

As of November 7, 2016:


- Black tea with flower petals (sunflower, rose and jasmine), 50g
- Green tea with tropical fruit (mango, papaya, pineapple) and flower petals (rose, marigold), 50g
- Chocolate Cinnamon Puerh, 13 sachets, Rishi Tea
- Jade Citrus Mint, Teavana, 40g
- Youthberry, Teavana, 20g


- Pineapple Kona Pop, 68g, Teavana (Maryelle)
- Earl Grey Puerh, 50g, Red Leaf Tea (Maryelle)
- Banana Nut Bread, DavidTea, 15g (Kristal)
- Baked Apple Rooibos, Tea Desire, 10g (Kristal)

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I’m eyeing that Choco Cinnamon Pu, following ya.

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Maryelle said

Would love to try the Pineapple Kona or Earl Grey Puerh. following you as well :)

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Mookit said

Thread updated!

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Arby said

I would love that youthberry. I have some Strawberry rooibos (Grandville Island Teas) I can offer in trade if you are interested. :)

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Lizz Moore said

I would like to swap tea with people . im in the u,s,a and i would like to get my friend teas from around the world for christmas

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