I’m spending a few weeks in Israel on vacation and my gaiwan just broke! Does anybody know where I can get my hands on another one in this country (specifically Jerusalem)?

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Um… Good luck? I think you’ll have to live with English-style brewing for the next few weeks, or fashion your own thing out of a saucer and small bowl or teacup. If it were me, I would not waste my limited time in a place as rich in culture and history as Jerusalem…searching for a gaiwan. But that’s me.

My guess? You’ll mostly find various chai blends, English-style teas and Turkish teas in Jerusalem. Maybe not, though. I mean, maybe a family of Chinese Jews has settled there and brought Chinese tea culture to Jerusalem or something… Or a family of Ashkenazi Jewish people who are Chinese tea hobbyists, at least.

Edit: If you have any hope of finding one, I’d say it’s probably at a larger store that focuses on gourmet foods and beverages in general. Something like an Israeli version of A Southern Season, which sells gaiwans and assorted teaware, coffee, coffee-ware, and excellent wines… I doubt there’s a Chinese tea shop there, but well… I could easily be wrong.

Psyck said

The advantage of using a cup and saucer as a gaiwan substitute is that you get a handle to pour with and won’t burn your fingers :-)

Yeah I’m making do. I’ve been here so many times and am just visiting a school I went to for a few weeks. It was more of a disappointing shock. Thanks!

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AllanK said

If you have an internet connection and know the local languages I would try finding a local teashop. They must have them.

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Ginkosan said

Two words:



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Kaylee said

Personally, I would just improvise with a cup and saucer or small sieve. But you can try Halita’Tea ( They serve at least some of their teas gong fu style and may be able to sell you a brewing vessel or point you in the right direction.

Enjoy your trip!

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boychik said

It depends which teas are you drinking. Everything except sheng is ok grandpa style

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yyz said

If you’re willing to risk an online purchase, there is this

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In a pinch I have used a western mug and strainer (such as a Finium brewing basket) to steep tea gong fu style. I choose a mug where the basket will touch the bottom, allowing me to steep with small amounts of water. Even a large tea ball could do if you’re desperate.

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Thanks everybody! I’ve made do. All we be right when I get back home to my yixings. :)

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