Starting Up Small Tea Business at Farmer's Market

I’m looking into starting a small tea business at a farmer’s market in the US. I’m interested in buying loose tea from sustainable wholesellers and packaging, either bags or metal tins. If anyone has any leads or suggestions I would appreciate hearing what you have to say. Thanks!

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Wooree Tea said

Greetings – We can supply you with Korean Green Tea, if you are interested. Our tea is organic and is hand picked. For more information have a look at

Any questions send me an email from the website, good luck – Chris

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What city and farmer’s martket are you thinking about opening up in?

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You can use and include information on the farmers ect.
For Japanese tea I suggest
If you are thinking about inexpensive teacakes you can look to for the possible white wrapper and Drunk on Red.
If you are looking for different regions of tea, a solid choice is

Packaging is the tricky one as tins can become costly. Depending on your location you are setting up at, you can use kraft ziplock bags.

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