12 teas of Christmas from 52teas

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So, I’ve already made up the list of teas that will be in this year’s 12 Teas Sampler (and they are some GREAT blends!), but I was just curious what YOU all think should be in there this year? What do you think were some of our best blends since our last sampler?

Uniquity said

I personally love your gingerbread chai (which I think was the new tea for last year’s package?). Other faves over the course of the year were blueberry cream cheese danish, very merry berry medley and the lemon lime cheesecake. Mmm…

OK, you really SHOULD include my tomato, basil and black pepper tea. :)

Well, your coconut cheesecake honeybush was a winner, as was your cinnamon roll honeybush (so I’m willing to bet one or both of these will be in there) … My personal favorites from this year were: French Vanilla Assam; Tomato, Basil & Black Pepper; Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha (I got the non-vegan version); and Rainbow Sherbet. (Also loved the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Green and the Black & Blue)

And from last year, I do love the gingerbread chai (your best chai to date).

Another note: I’d love to try a couple that I didn’t actually purchase, which were the very merry berry medley and the black currant rooibos. And… I’d also rather there NOT be any peanut butter blends in it. shrug with violent repulsion

I second marshmallow treat genmaicha, just something “holidays” about it. Also cinnamon roll and it just wouldn’t be right to NOT have the gingerbread chai haha. What’s in a name? :)

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teataku said

Definitely the CInnamon Roll Honeybush. If that one isn’t in there, my tears will flow like waterfalls. And I would be very interested to try a gingerbread chai. o 3o

Uniquity said

I’m starting to think I really missed out on the Cinnamon Roll boat. : ) Perhaps I’ll get to try it in the 12 Teas!

Frolic select said

As of right now there are two pouches of CR in stock so there’s still a chance to snag one

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Ninavampi said

OK Frank… First I find that your teas actually make it through Ecuadorian customs and are delicious, spectacular, and incredibly fun. Second I place a second order. Third you start pre-ordering these???? REALLY!?!?! Are you aware that I now can’t resist ordering? Oh… Lucky you getting all of my tea money…. (or just all of my money in general… hahahaha….) I hope that you don’t come up with too many tasty teas in the mean time… I just can’t afford to order everything…

But hey, its an earlyish Christmas present right? Totally worth the investment! : ) Hope international orders can ship firstish so that they can make it on time!

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Katiek said

I pre-ordered and can’t wait for the teas, although you did hit one of my Christmas pet peeves. The 12 days of Christmas are the days after Christmas, not before. But hey, great tea is fun whenver it comes!

Haha, this is a hangup of mine too. I wonder how it became so widely accepted as the days leading up to Christmas?

Fairyfli said

I didn’t know that… I also preordered I am super excited!

Uniquity said

I think they ‘became’ the days before as an echo of Advent calendars and making the big build-up more exciting (and commercial)

Katiek said

they’re the 12 days between Christmas and “little Christmas” on January 6. But I agree Uniquity – the “countdown” element seems to have taken the lead on the celebration.

I seem to recall having this conversation last year. Maybe it was on Facebook or Twitter? Anyway, yes, I’m aware I’m not exactly correct with this, but I think it’s more fun this way. :)

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Ordered mine! BUT my husband says I can’t have any until Christmas! :(

(blowing raspberries at hubby) That’s not fair!

I know!

But that’s not the spirit of how this is supposed to work. :( I’m frowning at him too. :(

We’ll see who gets to the box first when it arrives, me or him! :)

Actually do they all come at once or what? Never ordered these before so I’m not sure how that one works.

I think they are shipped out at pretty much the same time… so a lot of it is up to the post office and how timely they are with delivery, as well as where we are in proximity to 52Teas.

Great, thanks!

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Great, I’m going to have to break my resolution to not buy any more teas! :) OK, I’ll make that a resolution for the New Year instead!

good thinking. After all, New Years Resolutions were meant to be broken. If ever there were a good time to make such a resolution, it would be for New Years.

I like the way you think! :)

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We have sold roughly 3/4 of the number of these I have materials to make. (I was thinking I was being optimistic, but apparently not. This is just to let you know that you shouldn’t drag your feet on this one. I got one massive order from a business that wants 120 of these for their clients. The number I have left are not going to last very long.

Still plan on shipping the week of Thanksgiving!

What a great gift to give to clients! What business is this, exactly, and how do I become a client? :)

Uniquity said

Ordered mine already, PHEW!

Ninavampi said

Me too! Can’t wait! Debating getting a second one for a christmas gift…

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Update: ALMOST all of the 12 Teas of Christmas Samplers were dropped at the post office this evening. The few orders I have left to ship will go out tomorrow. I felt like Santa with my two giant tubs of parcels at the post office. If you haven’t ordered your 12 Teas of Christmas sampler yet, there are still a few left—don’t miss out on the fun!

I shipped all of the International orders and the single sampler orders today—the rest are going Priority Mail, so I thought they could wait one more day. Thanks to everyone who purchased one of these this year. I really hope you all enjoy them as much as last year. I think we’ve got some great teas, including the new, super-secret Christmas blend. (It makes my mouth water just smelling it).

I had planned on doing 2-3 times as many of these as we did last year. We ended up making about EIGHT times as many. It was a very busy Thanksgiving week and weekend.

WOW! You rock! I can’t wait to get mine…my husband has finally seen the light and is letting my enjoy them according to the package instructions. :)

Ninavampi said

Yay!!! So excited! I really hope that the package will make it to Ecuador in time! I would love to be able to open it on the correct dates! : ) Thanks for shipping internationals today!

I am excited too! I am going to be slightly naughty this year and try each tea the day before the day on the package so that I have time to write the article and/or review of the tea and publish it on the day that it was supposed to be opened. I remember having to wake up rather early to write the review for 9 am (noon Eastern) publication and it would seem that I’ve been staying up even later at night this year than I was last year. So, I just don’t think that will work for me, and I think I would be better off to try it the day before and schedule the article for the right time for publication.

Ahh… the sacrifices I make as a tea blogger… sigh

Jillian said

I couldn’t resist – I had to buy one this year.

YAY! I’m so excited! I’m definitely going to be good and follow the instructions… but I can’t wait to see all the varieties!

Jillian – good call! :)

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Mine arrived today. I need to hide it now until Dec 14th. :(

Uniquity said

Ahh! I sent mine to my mother’s as I figured it wouldn’t make it to Canada on time – Watch it arrive way before I get ther!

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