New Steepster Friends Chatroom

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SteveS1979 said

Hi! new here…

derk said

Hihi :) Thanks for the quick response, Oolong Owl.

Hello again! I sent a PM to join the chat. I’ve been gone a couple of years (wow, it’s really been that long!) and would love to reconnect! <3

TeaPro said

Would love to join for some tea banter! Will send you an email shortly :-)

Is this still a thing? Do people still do a tea chat? I would love to chat about tea!

Still a thing. First post rules still apply.

Hi, I sent an email.

TeaPro said

Hi! I would love to join the chat. Have sent an email :-)

zerospicon said

Hi! I just send the email. (o_o-)zZ

MrReb said

Hi! New here and love to chat :)

NYCowboy04 said

I just sent in a request not too long ago. New to the steepster community, but am working through reviewing my collection, one tea at a time.

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