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my sister asked me to ask but what are the brand of tea bags to buy and what are ones to stay away from this is from someone who also likes lots of loose leaf tea

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Rasseru said

You mean empty tea bags to fill with loose tea? I think most people here would use an infuser. Some loose tea can expand a lot and is not suited to bags. But as far as bags go, unbleached ones are probably best, I have some from amazon, I thought I would use them and never have even used one.

If you mean brands of tea that comes in bags I have no idea! I havent had tea from a bag in years :)

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soleiltea said

An infuser would probably be a good investment if she loves loose leaf.

Has she tried steeping her loose leaves in unbleached muslin bags? You can find these on ebay or amazon. They come in various sizes and you can reuse them if you don’t mind giving them a rinse after each use. Not the most convenient but it’s an option nonetheless.

Also, she may want to skip on paper tea bags since many are bleached. The “silk” bags aren’t much better either coz they just charge you more for polyester.

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If you are asking about tea in bags, it’s a very individual thing just as loose leaf is and it’s hard to say that there are ones to stay away from as one person’s love is another’s detest. If that’s what you’re asking I have two suggestions. One is an echo of what’s already been mentioned here, with the addition that some loose leaf tea shops also sell bagged versions of some of their teas. Harney & Sons is a good example. If it’s a convenience issue and she doesn’t want to mess with trying her own bags, that could be an option. Another suggestion is to do some shopping online for things that look intriguing to her and them coming to Steepster to see if there are notes on those teas. There are a fair number of notes here on many brands of bagged teas from Twinings, Bigelow, Lipton, Celestial Seasonings, Tazo, and others, which may help in deciding which would suit her taste.

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Best bagged I’ve had is from TeaAve. http://www.teaave.com
The design is big and a different material. Get lots of flavor, leaf expansion and the leaves aren’t chopped up.

Next best would be types that use those pyramid bags, but those are iffy since it’s been found that plastic will melt at hot temps and they aren’t compostable. BUt yeah, Harney & Sons and Lupicia have their loose tea in bags.

Teaave said

Thanks for the recommendation <3

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AllanK said

Lupica sells tea in bags that are the same quality as their loose leaf tea.

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