Halifax Tea Festival

Hey! I’m organizing the 2nd annual Halifax Tea Festival (Nova Scotia) anyone from the area? Would love to hear your ideas, thoughts, etc. Did you attend last year? Info visit: www.halifaxteafestival.com!

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Uniquity said

I left Halifax the year before the festival started, unfortunately. I’ll be very pregnant this year at that time and likely won’t attend but I’m glad there is something going on.

Despite not having attended, I’d love to see lots of high quality straight tea options. That is something that was totally missing form the Hali tea landscape when I lived there. I got started with blends as most people do but could never get ‘the good stuff’ locally after that.

Also, teaware! Love looking at teaware, and would be particularly interested in pottery, yixing, gaiwans, generally non-western teaware.

Maybe next year! Good luck!

Thanks so much for your feedback, it’s greatly appreciated!

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Shade said

I was unaware of this last year, but I’m so there this time around. And, with any luck, I’ll be hauling some friends from NB along with me. :)

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Tyler S said

Dang this is great. I just moved from Halifax. Went to Dalhousie and lived there for two years after. Now in Atlanta but glad to see things like this happening!

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MoxTea said

Would love to attend! Looks like an amazing festival lineup :)

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Bitterleaf said

If this wasn’t happening right in the middle of the spring tea harvest in Yunnan, I’d consider attending as a vendor, especially as Halifax is my hometown. You should hold it in the summer (aka that warm week with no rain in July or August) next year!

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Proud to announce that World Tea House will be attending and serving up plenty of TEAriffic drinks, giving talks on:
TEA101: Intro to loose leaf tea
Realities of Owning a Tea Buisness: I’ll talk about the various types of tea businesses and the tricks of the trade for each.

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