LeafSpa website?

What happened to their website?

(It’s www.leafspa.com right?)

Just thought I’d check their website today and it appears the domain is up for sale.

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Jason admin said

Maybe their hosting company messed up something?

I hope so, I would hate to find out they were no longer around.

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i feel like i shouldn’t be the one to break the news to everyone, but just thought I’d let you know that they are no longer around. :(

very sad to see another wonderful company go down due to the economy:(

That is so sad. I really loved their tea. I wish them the best.

Cofftea said

Wow… since they were on Steepster, I am really disappointed nothing was said here. That’s an extra knife in my heart. Now my 2 favorite iced teas are no longer made… :( When was the last time someone ordered something? I know for me it’s been quite a while so I’m not surprised I didn’t know.

Cofftea said

Yeah, I can definitely see that… but if that had been me I would have asked them if/when they were planning on saying something here. Knowing someone (company employee/owner, customer, or otherwise) knew but didn’t say something makes me feel deceived even more. Ugh. Since I became an adult I’ve been channeling my mother and am all about lies of ommition… and I hate it lol.

Yeah. Sorry for not saying anything, but I feel like it really isn’t my place. Especially since the last time I spoke to Steve, it was more of an opened ended thing. Anyway, regardless, it’s sad to see such a good company not exist anymore.

I’ve tried to contact Steve on Facebook to see if I could get answers about inventory. Will let you guys know how that goes.

@Cofftea, you act like it’s some kind of conspiracy against you. Just because LissaMarie (or anyone else) knew something about it, it doesn’t mean that it would have been appropriate for her to say something about it. It’s not deception. Companies close all the time. It happens. Unless you’ve got stock in the company, you don’t have a right to know about its business decisions.

Even if it were appropriate for her to say something about it, that doesn’t mean that she would be obliged to do so. Her conversations with a company and the subjects of those conversations are not anyone else’s business.

Instead of being concerned about the knife in your heart @Cofftea, and how disappointed you are in them not notifying you, perhaps you should consider how disappointed THEY are they their business has closed. Hopefully it is because they are on to better things, not because lack of customers has closed them.

It is sad to see a business close, but I am very disappointed in some people that choose to personalize it and make it about their disappointment instead about the companies owners and employees that are affected by the closure.

Spot52 select said

I love tea drama, and pizza.

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If possible, I would be very interested in purchasing items they may still have in stock. If the situation does present itself I truly would love to stock up on some favorites.

Cofftea said

I was just going to ask if there was another place I could get their Honey Vanilla White.

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Greetings all. Melissa gave me a head’s up that there was some chatter about our unfortunate closing. In short, the economy was just too much for us. We scaled back as much as we could but in the end, we had to close our doors as we cared more about selling quality goods than making a profit at any cost. It was five years of the best times in our life but sometimes things do have to end.

Regarding inventory, we need to close our books for the year (and forever) so we can’t sell anything until that is done from a legal or tax perspective. However, stay tuned and at some point in January, we should be able to do a final liquidation sale (and yes, we still have plenty of our Honey Vanilla White!).

Also, please do spread the word that we are also trying to sell the brand and website itself. The site had over 1200 quality inbound one-way links with a google PR of 5. We own the trademark on the LeafSpa name and have all the LeafSpa.* sites in our possession as well. Just in case someone wants to try again or even use the brand/trademark for some other type of natural food or spa business.

We greatly appreciate the emotion here. It is truly a sad day for us and small business.

Best of luck and thank you for keeping us posted. I WILL make purchases in January so that I can stock up. I hope one day things will change and maybe you can start the business up again.

Hi Steve,

I am sorry to hear of your need to close, it sounds like you had some lovely fans here.

Could you email me with details on the site sale please? Specifically, starting price and (if you are comfortable with it), traffic details.

My address is [email protected]

Many thanks!

Marcus said

Personally I am very sorry to hear this. You had a very good reputation and our industry needs people like you in it.

From the business side, please email me as soon as you can. I am very interested.

[email protected]

Jillian said

Damn, what a shame – we’ve lost several good tea companies this year including you guys. I do admire that you were willing to bow out rather than sell crap tea, even though it obviously isn’t the ideal solution.

I’ll keep an eye out for your sale in the new year – there’s several of your teas that are on my Shopping List and I hope I get the chance to try them.

Caitlin said

I am very sorry to hear you had to close shop. I would love to take a look at the liquidation sale when its up. I wish you luck in the sale of your site.

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Best of luck in your future endeavors. Do let us know about a final liquidation sale. I love your organic Ceylon!
Best wishes.

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Yes, God bless you guys as you figure what to do next.

I hope to get a chance to try out some of your teas for a very first, last time.

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Lori said

Sorry to hear about the closing of your business and I too was a fan of your honey vanilla white….

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Stephanie said

And I still love your Organic Yunan Gold! It’s very comforting to drink every workday morning and I will miss it when it’s gone. Thank you for offering such high quality teas! It does make a difference.

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Just wondering if anyone heard anything new about the final sale?

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Bumping this thread out of curiosity – I’m looking at all the honey vanilla white reviews and salivating, and saw they may be having a liquidation sale? It’s such a shame that LeafSpa went out of business – their products look amazing and I would have liked to try them.
Just wondering if I’ve missed the boat or if anyone knows what’s going on…

I too have been wondering for some time and have attempted many times to contact the company with no luck. However, I have a small supply of their teas. I have a customized sample tea package I sell on Tea Trade. You can see the listing here… http://teatrade.tinypay.me/#q=user:ss0YORHB and check out my cupboard here on Steepster to make your selections. It is just an FYI if not interested please ignore. :-)

Cofftea said

Does another company sell a Honey Vanilla flavored white tea?

@RachanaC: Thank you so much for pointing that out to me! I think I will have to do that after looking at your cupboard (so jealous!)…I’m picking out teas now!
@ Cofftea – I looked for other ones here and even did a broad google search but I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t Celestial Seasonings. I have nothing against Celestial Seasonings, but…I mean, once you’ve gone loose leaf it’s hard to go back! :)

@JoonSusanna I too looked all over the place for a replacement with no luck. I hope some of it turns up sometime. I would love to stock pile it. They had lots of great teas. My favorites were Honey Vanilla White, Banspaty Bliss, Orange Creamcycle (sp?) and Rani. Well, really all of them. :-)

@RachanaC – as Geoff correctly points out in his review here: http://www.itsallabouttheleaf.com/2139/tea-review-teafrog-assam-rani-sftgfop-2/ – the Rani estate sadly burned down – so it will be some time, if ever, before we see more Rani Tea. TeaFrog still has some available I do believe, as well as Banaspaty – but not flavoured (was the Banaspaty Bliss Flavoured?)

@Itsallaboutheleaf Oh may I had no idea. That is terrible. I actually have about 2 containers of the Banaspaty Bliss but it isn’t flavored. I have one container of Rani I believe.

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