Help identifying Pu-erh tea

Hey guys,

Unfortunately I don’t speak any asian languages and would love to find out the recipe number of this Pu-erh cake.

I know it’s 2005 Menghai Silver Peacock. I’ve uploaded a picture of the wrapping here;

Any help is appreciated thanks! Craig

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It doesn’t have a recipe number. Only the routine products of the few state-owned factories have standard recipe number. Others either don’t have the numbers or make up their own.
This is a silver peacock cake from Xing Hai Factory which is located in Menghai. It’s different from Menghai Dayi products. Xing Hai is a pretty good factory too, but much smaller and not as famous as Dayi. Besides, theoretically speaking, there are relatively few products before 2006 that are not good :-D Are you going to tealog it? :-D

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Absolutely, thanks for the great response. It’s a great tea, i’m really enjoying it.

Thanks again!

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