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Hello Steepsters,

My wife and I will be going to China next week to do a little tea tasting and shopping. Since you guys have made requests in the past for us to include more tea in our selection, I want to open this up for discussion to you all!

Please take a look at our current selection and see if are any other tea you would like us to add to our collection. You can name any tea or flavors that you are looking for in particular. Based on your suggestions and how the tastings go, we will bring back a limited amount of the selected tea for a trial period. These will be available mid to end of January.

Also, we are looking to add tea ware as well so any suggestions there would be good too!

Thanks guys! Look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Jian Liu
The Tea Valley Company

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Hi Jian,

Sounds like fun!
Yunnan Gold is really good. I recently discovered it and I think it’s a really good black tea. I’ve never tried this, but I’ve heard about “Golden Lapsang Souchong”- have you ever had it?

Have a good trip.

Cofftea said

I’d try it!

Jaime said

Yes, Golden Lapsang Souchong!!

+1 on the Golden Lapsang Souchong

+1 on the Yunnan teas as well.

Awesome. I will definitely try to scout out a good Yunnan Gold. Never had a Golden Lapsang Souchong but I did a quick search and it sounds very tasty. I like smoky teas so I’m pretty excited.

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Any Yunnans
Also…what about…
Song Luo???

ANY Yellows, too!?

Junshan Yinzhen (君山銀針)
from Hunan Province
Huoshan Huangya (癨山黃牙)
from Mt. Huo, Anhui
Meng Ding Huangya (蒙頂黃芽)
from Mt. Meng, Sichuan
from Guangdong Province,
Huang Tang
from Zhejiang Province

Thank you for providing me with the Chinese names. They will come in handy :)

At least that is what Wiki Said…lol…I hope they are correct!

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Cofftea said

Shengs, Shengs, and more shengs.

Is Sheng ‘green’ pu-erh, while shu is ‘cooked’?

Cofftea said

Yep:) Sheng, raw, green- all the same:)

Cool, yeah, sheng seems much more interesting to me than than shu, which to me, seems a little scary, since they are trying to replicate aging, without actually doing so.

My aunt is a pu’erh collector so she’s big on cooked pu’erh but perhaps she will know where I can get some good Sheng pu’erh.

I’ve only sampled a loose pu-erh before, so I don’t even know the difference between shu and sheng (taste wise). I’m only guessing on how I feel about them by what I’ve read, not by actual experience. I will have to change that sometime!

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LENA said

I love roasted oolongs. Like seriously dark roasted oolongs. WuYi Mountains all the way! I’m a huge fan of Yunnan Golden buds. Houjicha…or is that Japanese? I’m sure you will have a wonderful time on your trip. I’m jealous! :)

Cofftea said

LENA, Ho Ji Cha is a charcoal roasted Japanese green so TTVC won’t be able to acquire any on this trip.


P.S Happy birthday!

Thanks, Lena. Everyone should visit China if they ever get a chance to, especially if you like food and tea!

I recently had a roasted tie guan yin and it is quite good! It reminded me a lot of the Da Hong Pao.

I would love to be able to visit China. I love Chinese Food, although I must be honest that my experience is rather limited to Chinese Food Restaurants and I don’t know how authentic they are. And of course, I love tea!

But I think what would thrill me most is to see the land itself, and the ART! I love Chinese/Asian art.

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Taiping Hou Kui ~ Please!!!

Also… I would like a panda bear. :)

Cofftea said

I’ll take a panda bear too!

While you’re at it send a Panda Bear my way too. Please and Thank You!

I’ll see what I can do about the panda bears ;)

YAY for Pandas!!!!!

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Spot52 select said

I am always a sucker for Keemuns, mao feng generally.

Oh yes!

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Lori said

I like the roasted oolongs- WuYi mountains suggestions..

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Hi, these black teas maybe give you a big suprise.
Lapsang SouChong high grade
YunNan Gold Tea high grade
Keemun Black Tea high grade

I definitely have to try out some black tea this time. It seems very popular.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We’ll post an update when we return after the new years. Happy Holidays!

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Hey Guys,

We just got back last Saturday and we are still battling our jet lag. The good news is that we brought back a few yunnan gold/dian hong, a roasted tie guan yin and a sheng pu’erh that I’m very excited to introduce to everyone. I will get them posted on our site very soon so stay tuned!


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