Free Matcha samples, again....

We are very excited to introduce a new line of unflavored Matcha teas. To spread the news, we’d offer free Matcha sample, you only pay for shipping.
Should you be interested in trying even higher grade Matcha tea, simply write a review of the product you already received and we’ll send you next, higher grade matcha sample. This one will be free with free shipping (USA & Canada only). Each time you write a review, we’ll be sending you even higher grade matcha to try and review. :-)
Let me know if you have any questions.

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Is Steepster a proper place to post the review, or do you wish for it to be on both Steepster and Facebook?

The goal is to post it on a blog, like Steepster or your own blog if you have it, AND Facebook.

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Brian said

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Equusfell said

How would you like us to post a review on facebook? Just… on your page?

On Facebook simply post a few words about the product you are reviewing with link to the product on our site so that if anyone is interested, they can easily find it.

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Thank you for the great response on our website.
If you’d like to see a similar promo for naturally flavored matcha as well, please let me know. We are very open to any ideas that may help you try our products.

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