Tea as a gift!

Hello all! I’ve done a bit of research on the topic of tea but I am now looking for more personal advice. I have a friend who has gotten into drinking tea quite a bit over the past few years and I would like to get her something nice for her birthday this month. She is seems to be really into the health benefits of tea more so than the blends, though she does really enjoy those too. I remember her speaking about the benefits of green tea over other teas and I think green tea or more health focused teas are her priority as of lately.

Are there any companies that offer more straight teas versus the blends? I hope I’m describing what I’m looking for well since I am unfamiliar with tea! Thanks in advance for any advice!

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There are many, many companies that would could provide exactly what you are looking for, but the one that comes specifically to my mind for your tea-loving friend is Hibiki-An. They specialize in high quality Japanese green teas from Kyoto. Super fresh, great quality, and excellent customer service. They also have excellent teaware and traditional Japanese wrapping fabric, which would be fun to wrap your gift with. This style of tea is also most likely to contain the greatest amount of potential health benefits. They can be found at http://www.hibiki-an.com Hope this helps!

I looked at their site and they do seem right up my alley! The tea-ware and wrapping fabric sound like great gift enhancers. She actually doesn’t have a kettle, so now I’m looking into those too! Would you say that matcha is better tasting and has more benefits than regular green tea?

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boychik said

Give her a gift card, she will be happy to pick what she really like. or at least she will blame herself for picking the wrong tea.

I thought about getting her a gift card to a great place, but she likes surprises more than certainty. It’s just a matter of getting her a good surprise haha

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I guess I’m looking for companies that are known to produce high quality teas. I would like to get her a variety of tea brands to try. Another favorite of hers is chai.

Psyck said

You can find chai & other gift options at an Indian site like:
However, if you are mainly looking for green teas, a Chinese or Japanese site may be a better option.

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If she doesn’t have a kettle or pot and you’re looking for something Authentic she would LOOOOOVE a japanese cast iron. The symbols on the pot have symbolic meanings too so you can pick one out that is totally meaningful that she would really treasure forever. :)

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Brian said

i hear puerh helps weight loss and depression and loads of other things…. :-P

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Teaave said

If you are looking for high-quality oolongs, we have a great selection of premium Taiwanese Oolong from straight to naturally scented floral oolongs, and they both come in samplers.

Mountaintop Sampler: http://teaave.com/collections/all/products/mountaintop-sampler
Rolling Fog Sampler: http://teaave.com/collections/all/products/rolling-fog-sampler

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Hi Laurkristen! Tenota sends tea note personalized messages in the mail attached to a high quality premium pyramid loose leaf tea bag (that can be used multiple times). This may be great for your friend!


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