Reputable Brands of Flavoring?

Hey all! I’m looking for some flavoring to use on some loose leaf teas. I found a few websites that did not seem too reputable and also got terrible reviews online where nothing tasted like the flavor, orders took forever, etc. (not here to bash them, just want to find a good one). Other than “Simply Organics” which I know is good but only offers a few flavors, I don’t know where to look.

Additionally, what are the pros and cons of doing a flavoring extract, a flavoring oil, or a “flavoring” (not sure exactly where these fall)? I’m looking specifically for a creamy flavor to add to an earl grey blend I’m working on if that helps at all.

Thanks everyone for the help.

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I have made a good bit of candy in my day and I like Lorann flavoring its good, strong, and affordable.

Bavarian cream sounds close, they also have cake batter, egg nog, cheesecake, marshmellow, orange cream, and praline cream that sound close to what you want.

You could also try steaming it with milk like how they make mill scented oolong, or use a good vanilla extract.

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