French Press

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If a French press gives you the brewed tea result you like, hoorah :) I’ve thought about using one as well, but I also make coffee, and I share the concern about trying to use the press for both. I have regular mesh filtered pots and a kyusu that I use, an IngenuiTea travel tumbler for work.
I’ve used Teavana’s older version of the reverse press and it’s ideal for single servings – it’s my personal preference over a French press, but only because I prefer to have the leaves entirely drained for flavor. But it seems to be all same/same if you’re careful to pour once done.

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mlc select said

I use bodum’s travel french press (pretty much like but mine says “give up bad tea for good” instead of “coffee”) often. It works just fine. After you press down the plunger, the tea pretty much stops brewing, so it’s handy for leaving the house but taking tea with me. After a long enough time, a detectable difference in taste does develop, but it takes much longer than just leaving the tea brewing in all the water. If I’m actually going to drink the tea shortly after brewing it, though, it’s totally fine.

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I promised in this thread that I was going to write an article about the French Press. I finally got around to it 3 months later, better late than never…

K S said

Nice job! The biggest problem with the press is the name as it is totally misleading. Even with the plunger pushed all the way down the leaves are still swimming freely in about a 1/2" of water the full diameter of the beaker.

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John said

This thing is pretty much a french press, slightly modified for tea. the screen/filter doesn’t move. I got a larger version of this for iced tea]=

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