ZhenTea said

2016 Dian Lü (Yunnan Green Tea) has arrived!

Picked on Feb 13, 2016, Dian Lü (Yunnan green tea) is now waiting for you to enjoy. It’s made of the same plant as Pu’er. The smooth and sweet liquor presents a fresh and brisk vegetal flavour with a hint of nuttiness. Though it’s not spring yet in Canada, having this tea and listening to the cardinals outside works better than the groundhog’s prediction.

Check it out at http://www.zhentea.ca/product/dian-lu

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Ubacat said

That green tea looks beautiful Are you a Canadian company?

Also noticed some of your teas are extremely high priced and no quantity is listed.

ZhenTea said

Yes, we are an Ottawa based Canadian company. But we ship North America wide.

I assume you are talking about the supreme teas. The quantity is listed under the additional information tab, together with other info you might want to know.

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Rasseru said

website is throwing an error in function.php for me in chrome by the way :)

Sil select said

just chrome…is it bad i didn’t even think to check other browsers, i’m so used to using chrome? haha oopsy

ZhenTea said

It was a brief technical issue we encountered. All browsers should work just fine now. Thanks for letting us know!

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