Adventures in Mixing Puerh, Accidentally or Not...

Once I’ve gone through a session (gongfu) with a tea, I usually toss the leaves in a large quart sized mason jar and drink them grandpa / bowl style. If its towards the end of day, I’ll often just steep them out overnight, or even for a few days to see what happens.

This morning, I took 2 jars of what I thought were the same sheng and put them together in a pot to heat up. I realized afterwards that they were different (one was W2T Poundcake, and the other Mandala Autumn Song). But they turned out wonderful together! So just now I took some spent shou nuggets from Dobra Tea that had been steeping in the jar for days, and mixed them with the leftovers of Crimson Lotus Bulang shou. YUMMMM….

Anyhow the idea was, have you all on purpose, or by accident, mixed your shengs or shous (at any point in the session process) and had good results? I mean obviously producers do this on purpose when blending for a cake…but I’m more thinking of the drinkers realm, post production. How about anyone (I’m looking at you Liquid Proust) mixing a shou and sheng together?

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AllanK said

Been meaning to try this. Drank a puerh recently that was a mix of five different ripe puerhs from Global Tea Hut. It was phenomenal.

AllanK said

I’m not sure. I don’t remember which I bought from them during Black Friday, bought at least two loose leaf puerh maybe three but I’m not sure if that was one of them. I do like TeaTrekker. Their book is really good too, The Story of Tea by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J Heiss.

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sheng and shou being mixed is a common thing… do you want some examples?

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I have a jar that is accumulating all of the odds grams left over from samples, and bits of leaf that I don’t want to wrap back up with the cakes. Probably it will taste disgusting when I get around to it, but maybe not.

Dr Jim said

I periodically scoop up all the bits and scraps that fall to the bottom of my pumidor from my torn/leaky wrappers and steep them. It’s usually pretty decent, though 100% shou or sheng.

mrmopar said

It’s called “House Blend” these bits and pieces. Give it up to Rich for naming it.

Ah yes, in the bar world we used to call it the Jersey Turnpike :)

Rasseru said

I quite like this idea of putting all the loose bits into a jar. Must try it.

Or maybe not – what I make the best tea ever but cant recreate it. I might implode

MzPriss said

I call it the suicide jar after the drink we used to do at the fountain where you combine all the flavors of soda in your cup

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A while back, I mixed a few grams of a shou (forget which), some raw jingmai, and about 2g leftover white whale. :P

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Lumpkin said

like like like

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ive tried, however, i get better results mixing chenpi with sheng or shou. but this may be irrealvent

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