National Hot Tea Month

In celebration of Hot Tea Month, in preperation for Valentine’s Day and in the interest of all of our Joy’s Teaspoon men, this one is for you!

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I will be celebrating by drinking pot after pot of decaf black tea. :)

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New article just posted with 10 hot tea party ideas to help you celebrate National Hot Tea Month! Would love to hear your suggestions!

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I have been working on the idea of perfecting a single cup. I chose one tea that I really like and have been brewing a various temperatures and times to get it just right. I have also been trying different sweetners in different amounts. I write it down on scratch paper so that when I get it just right I will know exactly what to do in the future.

I also have started quite the collection of teas in my cupboard so I am trying to drink more tea. I really enjoy it so making it a habit is hardly a chore!

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