Tyler S said

Looking for a well priced daily sheng

Hey All,

I’ve been drinking shou for quite some time and have my daily drinkers down. Noble mark from mandala or the top yunnan yellow dragon needle from eBay. I enjoy sheng very much, but it wasn’t up until recently that I noticed this also started becoming a daily habit. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a fairly affordable daily drinking sheng as some of the cakes I didn’t want to fully indulge in for a while are now being being broken up! Thanks for any input!

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AllanK said

I’ve recently reviewed some sheng from Awazon Tea, www.pu-erhtea.com. While they were not stellar in quality they were good tasting and good quality in general. Their teas are dry stored so none of them that I tried have had any wet storage taste. They were reasonable quality at a good price. None of them will break the bank.

mrmopar said

Allan made a good recommendation. Another is Yunnan Sourcings Chen Yun Yuan Cha. It has aged maocha blended in another is The Classic Shroom from White2tea. Both are solid for the prices I think.

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awilsondc said

I really like the 2008 Often from White2Tea as a daily drinker

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If I was on a budget and had to pick just one sheng a day, it would be: http://yunnansourcing.com/en/2013-yunnan-sourcing-teas/2483-2013-yunnan-sourcing-wu-liang-ye-sheng-raw-pu-erh-tea-cake.html

At about 11 to 12 cents an gram, roughly 50 cents a session for me, it’s a great value. I can shoot you a sample if you want.

If you want to go crazy cheap, I’d suggest jumping on someone’s taobao order and get you some 2007 Mengku! $25 after shipping for a full 357g cake and for what it is, that price is insane.

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boychik said

Love it. Cheap and tastes older for its age. I think US site carries it too

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