50% off at Samovar! Ends Soon!

Hey Steepsterites,

We’ve teamed up with living social to bring you some amazing offers! Spend $25 and receive $50 to spend at two of our locations or online! This Amazing deal ends soon so get it while you can. To learn more about this offer follow the link below:


Hope everyone is having a great New Year!

Warm tea wishes,


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Cofftea said

Sure would have been nice if this was posted hourse ago. I just now realized it wasn’t just for the lounge. I really wanted to buy the matcha… but unfortunately since I didn’t think I could use it online, I purchased some from another company today.

John said

heh, I almost got a gaiwan from them today, but I went with another company… too bad I already placed my order :(

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Frolic select said

It looks like you can only get tea with it? I can’t figure it out. I want to get the breville with it but I can’t tell by reading the small print. I wish I could afford to risk and just treat myself with tea if thats how it is it but if I buy the breville then I need to pinch pennies.

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I’m bummed that I missed this!

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