Happy New Years & Happy Hot Tea Month with FREE SHIPPING

Hey Steepster Friends,

We just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and happy hot tea month! It’s quite cold outside so we’re steeping up cup after cup! We hope everyone stays warm and cozy…

Also, we wanted to let you know that our new year’s resolution this year is free shipping on all orders (but it doesn’t work with other promos)! Yup, no minimum orders needed!

So celebrate this hot tea month with something new!

:) Sanctuary T Shop


3 Replies

I am VERY excited about this. I LOVE you guys. When something went wrong you went totally out your way to make it right and customer service like that will always get business from me.

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Lori said

Well when your Carnival comes back in stock , I can’t wait to place an order. I love free shipping.

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:) We don’t like shipping either. And thanks for the complement Rachel! Tea drinkers are really important to us because without you we wouldn’t exist!

P.S. Lori: Carnival is back in stock!

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