Lizbert said

Hosting Tea Event -- Need Suggestions

Hi! I am organizing an afternoon tea at my church to raise money for the school that we support in Haiti. I would like to offer three black tea options for people who come to the tea. What kinds of tea do you think would please people? I was thinking that we would offer a darjeeling, something fragrant, and something strong/robust. Also, I am sort of new to this kind of thing — I love to drink high quality tea, but I don’t really know how to select it. There seem to be a million kinds of darjeeling, for example. How should I choose? It can’t be too pricey, but I want it to be high quality enough to satisfy people’s desire for good tea. All advice gratefully welcome!

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Dr Jim said

The obvious steepster advice would be to use loose tea, but to do that you need the right kind of tea pots, strainers, etc. Look at how you are going to steep before deciding to go bags or loose. Bags will greatly reduce your options for types of tea, but might permit more than 3 choices for your guests.

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AllanK said

There is a very good website where you can get quality tea that won’t break the bank, called Simpson and Vail at You could pick out three from their descriptions or email them for suggestions. I have gotten a lot of good tea from them over the years. One of my favorites is the Nepal Aaurbotay Gardens black tea.

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Are you located near a retailer? You might want to weigh their prices against shipping charges and there you would hopefully be able to try the tea first. This will depend where you are located though.

One caveat: I probably would not recommend teavana or even David’s tea. Neither specialize in unflavored blacks and what good ones they do have are probably cheaper elsewhere.

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Lumpkin said

can I join?

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