Tea advice for a newbie

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Jenny said

I find Adagio’s sample tins to be a good price and size. I used them to leap into the world of tea. (Message me your email address and I’ll email a coupon for $5 off of Adagio’s)

If there are any loose leaves stores in your areas, I would visit them to try to get a sampling (or at least a whiff) of teas you’re interested in.

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Nitro said

you guys are great!

I’m going to have a lot of options to get me going. For now, I’ve ordered a few from CTG. Got a sample of Zealong Pure, Golden Bi Luo, Keeemun Hao Ya, and Sticky Rice Pu-Erh Tuocha (feel like I owe it to myself to experiment).

after these samples are all gone, I’ll probably follow-up with a sampler set from one of your suggestions.

Thanks again!

Mel said

That’s the route I am doing right now! I am going through sampler set from sampler set, learning what I like and don’t. It’s the most fun! I am looking forward to trying CTG. Also, lots of people swap teas on here, that’s how I got to try other teas on my shopping list.

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No one has mentioned this…but my vote would be to “Support Your Local Tea Room”!

If you are not sure where one is try Adagio’s Tea Map: http://www.teamap.com/
Entering your zip code will show closest to farthest.

In these types of venues you may find varied menus of teas where you can dine and sample, or just sample. A good way to try a tea before buying. Most will sell loose tea as well.
You have the added benefit of being able to discuss tea and ask questions of the knowledgeable purveyor…in person.

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Shadowleaf said

Keeping a mental note about what kinds of tastes you have already experienced is, in my opinion, always wise. Do you want a similar taste or do you want to explore new fields? Area by area or a good mix? The world of tea is such a big thing to enter that a “tasting plan” could prove to be useful.

Other than that, I wish you good luck and happy tasting. Do keep us updated!

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Lori said

Generally, Samovar sells teas of higher quality than Adagio. Another basic tea house that has decent non-flavored teas is Harney and Sons. Lately, I have had good luck w/American Tea Room (although they may be pricey ). And just look at the Steepster ratings for recommendations on blended teas (52teas does have great blends and much better than Adagio’s)…

Please PM me and I can send you some samples that I am trying to clear out of my cupboard. I went overboard in my first year of tea experimentation….

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Joy’s Teaspoon also offers sample sizes. We will make out 2-3 samples at no charge (postage included – Izu Matcha not available). We also offer two sampler packs on the site as well (links below) that are customizable.

Cinco Sampler
Ocho Sampler

Enjoy your sampling! That is my favorite part…trying something new!

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