is Steepster Explore broken?

Every time I try to load the Steepster Explore page ( my web browser just hangs. The main part of the page loads, but the script with the updating text never seems to load.

I originally thought it was my computer, but I often look at it from different computers at my day job and same thing happens.

I always thought it was a cool feature to keep track of what is going on around here. Does it work for anyone else?


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AJ said

I’m not the only one!

Very recently it seemed to stop loading for me. I don’t watch it religiously, so I don’t always have it up, but I clicked to the page to use “Connect” the other day to search for someone, and I realized that the Explore window itself didn’t seem to be loading.

Something must have broke, I guess.

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AJ said

Seems to be working again now.

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