Misty Peak takings pre-orders for 2016 Spring harvest. 15% off for 48 hours

Hey everyone!

Its that time of year again, Springtime! The tea this year is delicious and aromatic, very characteristic of a great Spring Pu’er.

We have been asked if this is early; we often start our harvest around February and end within 3-4 months. The tea is absolutely delicious and we encourage everyone to give it a try.

Use code “facebook” at checkout on www.MistyPeakTeas.com for 15% off until Thursday evening :)

Thank you all for the support and enjoy your spring time and have a healthy year.

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AllanK said

Can’t wait to try this year’s tea. Ordered last week during your other sale. Let me know when you ship.

Thank you so much Allan, we appreciate you tremendously.

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bef said

April Fools’ Day, guys! :-)

@Misty Peak Teas: Thanks for the laugh!

AllanK said

The joke is on you because Misty Peaks is excellent puerh tea. Regardless of when it was harvested it is good.

bef said

Though I’ve heard much more negative than positive feedback about their teas, I have absolutely no opinion and can’t comment on it, as I didn’t try them myself.

I won’t do any claim about things I got no clue about or false claims – that’s something some vendors might want to do as well. Doesn’t mean I got no opinion about their claims/lies, though.

AllanK said

A recent blog post by Two Dog of White2Tea speaks of how now some people are picking puerh tea leaves in winter. While Two Dog doesn’t like this practice. It is just possible that the spring harvest of Misty Peaks was picked during the tail end of winter. I believe that is what it says on the Misty Peaks website. It’s just possible he’s telling the truth. If others can pick tea during the winter season why can’t Misty Peaks? We have no proof that a lie was told, only speculation.

bef said

That would make it a winter harvest, from what I understand, not spring.

A few claims about that same tea that are also at the very least questionnable:
– “picked in Spring of 2016”
– “Picked only twice a year”
– “200/500 y/o trees” / “When we pay the farmers for their tea, we go three steps ahead of what would be considered fair and pay their price” / “200 gram bing for $55”
– “from FDA registered farm”
– “grown and processed by one family” / “sold in over 410 shops”
– Weight loss and lowered cholesterol in as little as 5 days!"

The list could go on, but enough said already…

AllanK said

Apparently they refer to the first harvest of the year as spring regardless. I think it is a Chinese thing. The main thing is his tea is excellent, some of the best young sheng you can buy. It is consistently good.

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