Eco-Cha Responds To Scandal — Introducing Eco-Bean

Many of you have seen the photo by now and certainly have read one of the many theories currently being circulated. We wanted to come forward openly and honestly and put a stop to all the rumors.

After years of sourcing our favorite oolongs from Taiwan, we at Eco-Cha have decided it’s time for the truth to come out.

Please take the time to read our response by clicking here.

7 Replies

never ordered from you and since you switching to coffee i wont order from you in the future

AllanK said

I think they meant to post this yesterday and it is a April fools joke.

oh crud! well i take back my statement about not ordering in the future

AllanK said

Somehow they missed the part about April Fool’s Day being the first of the month. They posted on the second day of the month.


They dis post a fake headline/photo snap of “Andy” coming out of a coffee place on April Fool’s Day, and this is their follow up post.

AllanK said

Yeah but they didn’t seem to get the fact that April Fool’s Day was the first of the month. They posted this today, not yesterday.

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