Can anybody recommend a good cheesecake tea?

I’m craving one on this very cold snowy day :) Thanks!!

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Frolic select said

52 teas has made some good ones but I don’t think any are available right now. You could try to swap.

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AJ said

52Teas: Your One-Stop-Shop For Premium Cake-Teas. Cheese or otherwise.

And Danish-Teas.

It should be their slogan.

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AJ said

Checking the website, I see he has in stock… Pumpkin Pie, Coconut Cream Pie… Peach Cobbler, Strawberry Zabaglione… Nope, no cakes or cheese cakes at the moment. He had a Re-blend Request Thread going for a while, though.

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Sad!!!! Guess I missed out. I’m jealous when I go back and read the different descripts. of the 52 tea blends. I’ve been eyeing the Coconut Cream Pie one for a bit, maybe its time just to order it. Thanks for the info! I appreciate it!

Kristen said

the coconut cream pie is very good!

Login or sign up to post a message. has a blueberry cheesecake one and a strawberry cheesecake one.

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Maybe it’s time we did another cheesecake blend… =)

Maybe a cheesecake guayusa blend…

Kiwi cheesecake?

Caitlin said

Kiwi cheesecake sounds really yummy!

Uniquity said

I think you should. Definitely. But without coconut in any form, so that I can have some too : )

…and another honeybush cheesecakey tea for us no caffeine after five fogeys? :) Pweese?

Meghann M said

Maybe a Dark Chocolate Raspberry Rooibos Cheesecake? I see rooibos working well with cheesecake flavors…yum.

Hmm. Rooibos cheesecake….

Lately I keep thinking I want to create a blend with Rooibos and just a touch of lapsang souchong or some other smoked tea. I don’t know why. I’m not paticularly fond of smoky teas, but I think they would blend well with rooibos’ woody flavor. Just have to figure out what other flavors to add. Maybe whiskey…

A honeybush cheesecake tea would be yummy! :)
What about just an original creamy cheesecake honeybush?

Uniquity said

Now I want tea and cheesecake. At least I have one of the two…

…and you have to make another Peanut Butter Tea – did you see poor Kristen cried over her empty bag? You can’t let a gal cry like that!! :)

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Please!!! That sounds amazing!

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