Getting excited for Spring green teas?

I am! What kind of green tea will you buy this year? For the past few years I have gotten the shincha from Den’s Tea and also a long jing.

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LuckyMe said

Teavivre just released fresh dragonwells which I ordered right away. Will get their huang shan mao feng too when its available.

Also plan to get shincha from Yuuki-Cha, Verdant’s Laoshan green and 1st flush TGY, and some dan cong from YS.

At the moment I’m busy drinking down my stash to make room for these teas and justify new tea purchases to myself :-)

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My local shop, Premium Steap, really excels with the greens. As for what type I get, that remains to be seen. I’ll smell inside all of the canisters, and the ones that smell the best come home with me. Kind of like like playing with all the dogs at the pound before you bring one home.

ashmanra said

Premium Steap is local for you? Lucky! I LOVED Emperor’s Red, but they don’t carry it anymore.

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YUM! I need to make an order with Yunomi ( soon because of a teacup I am coveting. Has anyone tried their greens and have good recommendations – I like it all, and usually try to hit the middle ground between budget and premium (looking for that elusive value balance ;) )

Also I’ve been thinking about pulling the cart-trigger on a some Yunnan Sourcing 2016 Greens. I just need the weather to warm up a tiny bit more to get me in the mood!

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Rosali Tea said

So excited!

We’re offering a special this week on our Jasmine Pearls ( in case you’d like to try them – it’s so green and springy and floral and aromatic. :)

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I’ve been excited for weeks! I pre-ordered the Ming Qian Dragonwell and the Nonpareil Huang Shan Mao Feng Tea from Teavivre. And I positively can’t wait until Den’s Tea allows pre-orders for their shincha since I haven’t ordered from them in TWO years.

My Teavivre order arrived today!

@Kiwi yay! How do you like the Dragonwell and the Mao Feng? Have you tried them yet?

Yes, they’re positively delicious!

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Kim said

I placed a pre-order for some Japanese green tea from O-Cha. I can’t wait until it comes. It should come in late April or early May. I’ve been craving fresh green tea lately.

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tperez said

I’ve been sipping Yunnan Sourcing’s 2016 spring mao feng and cui ming! I don’t normally drink much green but fresh spring greens are irresistible

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Tidiman said

I wrote a very good article about the benefits of the green tea –
I think that this can be very interesting and you can learn something new.

Rosali Tea said

Very cool – can we share this on our social media? If so, let us know how we can tag you!

Tidiman said

Yes, You can :) TivelasiPottery

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Tidiman said

Yes, of course you can share it :) TivelasiPottery is our social network username.

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My New favorite is Nan Jing Yu Hua Cha, try it first time this year. sweet and has some similarity to Bi Lou Chun

bozisuk said

That sounds good. I’m going to have to get some and try it!

LuckyMe said

What vendor is that from? I googled it and saw jiang tea sells some. Is that the one you have?

yyz said

The leaf looks gorgeous. I might have to try some once it is in stock.

I have it, but the description not done yet, you can see picture on my website. Will be available soon.

I’ve just added some new teas to my web store. Sorry that I have not added descriptions yet, writing is not my strong side!
but you can easily see the picture that they are good tea.

These three teas below are definitely my favorite Green tea of 2016.

Nan Jing Yu Hua Cha,free shipping.

Organic Mao Feng, free shipping.

Organic Long Jing, free shipping.

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